American Dragon Jake Long

Blobzilla is a giant black and purple monster made of goo with red eyes.

Magical Powers[]

Because this creature only makes two very short appearances in not much is known about its true abilities.

Blobzilla escape

The Blobzilla escapes

From what is shown in the series, the Blobzilla, because it is made of living goo, can change its molecular state at will. It can turn liquid or semi-solid whenever it wants, which makes him a very slippery enemy. Through this ability, it is able to go through drains and pipes and hastily escape a battle.

When it attacks, the Blobzilla will wrap around its prey like a swarm of tentacles and will try to suffocate its victims by either squeezing their body or blocking their respiratory system.


  • The Blobzilla may be an allusion to the monster featured in the 1958 film "The Blob";
  • Jake compares the Blobzilla's attack to being assaulted by a puddle of mud.
  • Blobzilla, like anything with "-zilla" appended to it, is an allusion to the giant monster Godzilla.


  • Magic Enemy #1