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Abominable Snow-people, also known as Yetis, are magical creatures that live in remote snowy areas, most often mountains. They are considered cryptids by scientific experts, or in other words creatures whose existence remain questionable due to a lack of proof[1][2].

Physical Appearance[]


The Yeti's new look

At first, Yetis are entirely covered in white fur, which serves as camouflage in their habitat. They have visible ears and fangs, and walk on their two legs. They look mostly humanoid, although their feet and hands are blue and much larger than those of humans.

Later on, a nother tribe of Yetis had a slightly different look. Their fur was a shade of beige and they have a more pronounced facial hair, like long eyebrows and a scruffy mustache. Their nose are more dog-like and their skin is no longer blue. Their eyes are also bigger and more like those of animals.

Life in the Magical World[]

Abominable Snow-people are large but friendly creatures. They are absolutely harmless, which make them extremely vulnerable to hunters. Adults and babies alike are hunted for their plush pelts, which are in high demand on the magic market. Once Huntsgirl easily captured both a young and full grown Abominable Snowman[1].

Baby Yeti Abonimable Snowman

A baby Yeti caught in a snare

Although Yetis are humanoids, they are incapable of speech. They communicate by different levels of roars and grunts.

Depending on their age, Abominable Snow-people will vary in size. Adults are usually quite tall, about twice the size of an average-sized human. Babies can reach the height of an average teenager.

Although Yetis prefer to live in secluded places away from other magical creatures, some are known to make exception of this. Fu Dog had been known to play a game of "Go Fish" with a Yeti, along with Esmerelda, a Shark Person, and a Goblin[2].


  • The term "yeti" is derived from Tibetan and roughly means "rocky place bear";
  • Jake implies in a discussion with Huntsgirl that the Abominable Snowman is an endangered species.
  • The fur of a Yeti has explosive properties used for destruction potions[3].
  • The Yeti briefly seen in "Nobody's Fu" looks oddly similar to Chewbacca, a hairy humanoid creature of the Chewie species featured in the Star Wars series.
  • It is revealed that Yeti bones are sometimes used to make magical bracelets[4].
  • Yetis do not live in snowy places in North America, but thrive in the Himalayas in Asia. It is unknown how they ended up in North America in the show.
  • In Cryptozoology, the Yeti is described standing about 8 feet in height and weighting nearly 600 pounds. It has the strength to kill a yak with one strike, is covered in gray or dark hair, and is said to call out with blood-curdling screams.
  • The Yeti has white fur when its on higher slopes, but it actually had a wiry reddish brown fur when it is on lower slopes. Although they are still seen having white fur, even when they are out of snowy places.