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Fu Dog and the Atlanteans

Atlanteans are, as their name implies, an ancient race who inhabited the Island of Atlantis. Unfortunately, not much is known about them. They are very briefly seen in a single episode, "Hero of the Hourglass" (Season 2), for the entire series.

Physical Appearance[]

Atlanteans are humanoid creatures with very pale skin. They have spikes on the lobe of their ears and on the back of their forearm as well, near the elbow. Females usually wear skirts with tank tops while males wear tunics, all of which come in very pale, pastel colors. Both wear knee-high boots.

Island of Atlantis[]


The Island of Atlantis is where all Atlanteans lived in peace and harmony a long time ago. It used to be located in an unknown area in the middle of the ocean, above the surface, until it sank at its very bottom. The Atlantean architecture is very much like those of the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, with tall pillars carved in marble and buildings with triangular roofs and domed ceilings. This may indicate that Atlanteans either existed around that era or even before the classical civilizations. This would also explain why Fu Dog, in "Hero of the Hourglass", needed to travel back in time in order to see the race's birthplace.

Current Status[]

It is currently unknown what happened to the Atlantean race. The sinking of their city could have caused their unfortunate demise and immediate extinction, which would negate the popular belief that Atlanteans are aquatic creatures. It is also possible that they have settled at the bottom of the ocean and have kept their existence secret to avoid another incident or as to not attract undesirable visitors.

In "The Hunted" (Season 1), it is hinted that Atlantis and its inhabitants may have survived; a Mermaid, called Silver, says she recently graduated from Atlantis University. Of course, this doesn't prove that the establishment is actually situated in Atlantis.

Also, in the episode "Shaggy Frog", a female Atlantean can be seen very briefly (albeit with a darker palette of colors than the originals) inside an ice cream parlor. This may indicate that a few individuals managed to escape the catastrophe and now live across the globe.


  • According to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, Atlantis was located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, hence its name;
  • It is revealed in "Hero of the Hourglass" that Fu Dog was the one responsible for sinking the Island of Atlantis by pulling on a plug;
  • Councilor Omina is possibly a great descendant of the Atlanteans, since she is the Dragon of Atlantis.