American Dragon Jake Long
The Thirteen Aztec Skulls

Aztec Skull

Crystal skulls with its eyes made of diferent gems
Reality Warping
"Its believed that the skulls, if ever brought together, would spell certain doom to all Magical Creatures."

The Aztec Skulls are thirteen magical artifacts that, according to lore, should they ever be united would spell certain doom to all magical creatures. Due to this, the Huntsman decided to lead the Huntsclan in a crusade to find all the skulls which would enable him to finally rid the Earth of all "hideous beasts that pollute the Earth".


These artifacts resemble human skulls made of crystal and all are similar. The only thing that's different is the eyes, which are composed of various colored gems.

Magic Powers[]

The skulls are extremely powerful, capable of destroying the Huntsclan, manipulate time and grant whatever wish those who holds them want. The skulls are also indestructable and can only be destroyed if they are inserted within the Pantheon Gargoyles.


The skulls were created in the Aztec Empire by unknown manufactors. The reason for their creation is unknown, but due to the fact that said skulls were believed to destroy magical creatures, they might have been created with the purpose of destroying them.

The skulls were lost and hidden in various locations around world, possibly under the protection of very powerful magical creatures. Since the Huntsclan heard of it, they decided to make a crusade on finding the skulls and finally destroying all mystical creatures. Rose deduced that the Huntsman was planning something big, but little did she know that the plan was about the skulls. However, she told Jake about what she knew so far[1]. A clue was later revealed in which the Huntsman was actually planning on using the skulls when Sara, one of the Oracle Twins, mentioned a circle of skulls in her vision[2]. It was also discovered that the Huntsman's plan was to use the skulls[3] when Gramps said the creature that chased Huntsboys 88 and 89 was an Aztec serpent, guardian of one of the skulls, and it was later shown how many skulls the Huntsman had. One skull was in a cave[4]. The last skull was found inside an Aztec sculpture in the New York Zoo.

After Rose made a deal with the Huntsman, she stole the skulls that Jake had[5]. The Huntsman was capable of uniting them and nearly destroyed the magical community by making an irreversible wish for the destruction of all mystical creatures. However, before the Huntsman could do so, Rose stabbed him in the back and wished for the destruction of all the Huntsclan. Unfortunately, it was tragic because Rose was part of them. In order to save her, Jake wished that she was never taken by the Huntsclan, and after Rose disappeared, Jake angrily destroyed the skulls and left in his Dragon form.