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The Hunted (100)

Created by:
Jeff Goode
Voiced by:
Edie McClurg[1].

Bertha[2] is a female giant and recurring character voiced by Edie McClurg.


Bertha first appeared in a flashback by Jake and Fu Dog in which she and an unidentified male giant took turns crushing Jake underfoot.

Her first real appearance was in Eye of the Beholder as a contestant in the Magical World Beauty Pageant, mentioned by-name by Fu Dog, though the episode credits her as "Giantess[3]."

Bertha was one of the magical creatures captured by Huntsman in The Hunted, as were Reggie, Silver, Clooney, and Jake. The smell of her feet is a running gag in this episode, causing Reggie to pass out three times and helping the group to defeat the Huntsman.[4] From this point onward, she is shown barefoot.

Bertha did show to like samples(?)[3].

Season 2 redesigned her to look more like a stereotypical hillbilly in fitting with her dim-witted nature; in Family Business, she has darker hair, a lantern jaw, pointed ears, gold earrings, a tied-up sleeveless shirt, and ripped jean shorts[5].


Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • "(Big) Bertha" is a common name for bigger characters/objects in popular media and real life, likely due to a pun on the word "berth," from Marvel's Big Bertha character to the Big Bertha howitzer from World War I to 19th-century criminal Bertha Heyman.[6]
  • Despite her intelligence (or lack thereof), she is an excellent baker, according to Fu Dog.[7]


  • Bertha, in all her voiced appearances, is voiced by Edie McClurg, yet some sources list her voice actor as Tara Strong.[8]
    • It should also be noted that, even when not credited directly, Edie's name appears in all Bertha episodes, unlike Tara's.