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Bigfoot family

Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, are peaceful creatures by nature that inhabit snowy areas. They are considered cryptids in the human realm, creatures whose existence has yet to be confirmed.

They are easily mistaken for the Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti.

Physical Appearance[]

Sasquatch are very closely related to the mountain apes as well as the Abominable Snowman. They are entirely covered in white fur that provides them with a natural camouflage system. Adults walk on their back feet while babies tend to use all four of their limbs to get by faster. Bigfoot also have very large hands and feet of a greyish skin color. Adults are at least twice the size of an average human and can reach a height of fifteen feet.

Every Sasquatch is unique in the sense that they each have their own figure and morphology, much like humans.

Magical Powers and Abilities[]

Bigfoot camouflage

A baby Bigfoot in hiding

Bigfoot have the natural magic ability to camouflage themselves into their surroundings like chameleons. Thanks to their big hands and feet, they are prolific climbers. They also possess super strength, as seen in "Hairy Christmas" when three of them easily hurled a train wagon several feet into the air.

Life in the Magical World[]

Bigfoot are wild creatures, and as such prefer to live their lives peacefully where interactions with other magical creatures are scarce. They go about their activities like foraging for food and digging for grubs during the day and sleep in the trees during the night. Sasquatch of a same pack share a tight bond, like a family. If one of them is in danger, the rest of the clan will not hesitate to become aggressive in order to rescue their kin; mothers are particularly protective of their young. A tribe of Bigfoot ran amok in New York City where they invaded in search of a lost baby[1].

Bigfoot are incapable of speech. They communicate with different ranges of roars and grunts and don't understand spoken languages. When stranded in an unknown environment, they will adapt to survive and eat out of garbage cans.


  • The term "sasquatch" is derived from the Slavish Native American word "sésquac", which means "wild man";
  • Bigfoot use pinecones as rattlers for babies;
  • Bigfoot are often victims of deforestation;
  • Sasquatch are vulnerable to stun rays;
  • The baby Bigfoot featured in "Hairy Christmas" was mistaken for a baby gorilla that escaped a zoo;
  • Snow Sprites are able to track Bigfoot, even when they're using their camouflage ability;
  • Raw meat can be used as bait to attract Bigfoot;
  • In the ending credits of "Hairy Christmas", Fu Dog tries to sell "Sasquatch Family Crooners Holiday Sing-along" CDs, which feature holiday classics sung by Bigfoot;
  • According to Professor Rotwood in "The Rotwood Files" ending credits, lady Bigfoot are quite lovely in ankle-high boots;
  • The baby Sasquatch in "Hairy Christmas" bears a close resemblance to Turk, a gorilla featured in the famous "Tarzan" Disney movie.
  • In Cryptozoology, the Sasquatch is described as a human-like ape creature up to 10 feet tall, broad-shouldered, hairy, and upright walking.[Quoted from MonsterQuest]
  • A Giant Gorilla


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