American Dragon Jake Long
Body Guard Duty
Body Guard Duty (34)
Season: 1
Production code: 110
Story by:
Laura McCreary
Written by:
Chris Harmon
Chong Lee
Storyboards by:
Christian Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
April 29, 2005
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"Body Guard Duty" is the twelfth episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Fu Dog took Jake to his first 'Boulder Ball' game but as it ran seventeen periods Jake was unable to get any sleep. The next day at school, Hans Rotwood informed his class that there would be a test on Friday which would count for over fifty percent of their grades. Jake then learned he had another mission as the American Dragon—to protect the Oracle Twins from Herbert the Goblin who planned to capture and force them to make predictions on the upcoming 'Ogre Bowl'. Since the Oracle Twins' predictions are too random to necessarily warn when Herbert was to grab them, Jake was assigned to protect them for the whole week.

To best perform his duties, Jake took the twins to school with him, telling everyone they were his cousins from out of town. When Trixie and Spud find out the twins are seers, Trixie tried to get them to make a prediction about her. Kara tells her that she and Spud will "tie the knot", which freaked out Trixie since she had a celebrity crush on Denzel Washington.

Two goblins poorly disguised as teenage girls arrived at the school in order to get near the twins. Due to their nature, Jake was having difficulties keeping the twins from making predictions to any and everyone around them, which Kara informs Jake is physically impossible for them to do as they cannot lie about their visions which are certain to be a hundred percent true. In an effort to prove that their visions would not come true all the time, Spud left the school to avoid any chance of having chocolate milk spill on him. However he trips and his yo-yo falls from his hand just as a truck carrying chocolate milk was driving past. To avoid running Spud over, the driver steers hard but the truck rolls on its side and the chocolate milk splashed all over Spud, just as Sara predicted.

Later as Jake and the twins were walking home, they took a shortcut through an alley. Sara fell and loses a sandal, which Jake went to retrieve while she laughed about it. Jake confessed to being confused about why someone who only sees bad stuff could be so happy while someone who only sees good things was always miserable. The sisters explain that Kara's good visions made life dull for her because there were no pleasant surprises, while Sara's bad visions made her look to and appreciate every bit of good news. It was then Sara had a prediction about an attack and goblins falling from the sky. Herbert's gang surround them. Fortunately Sara's prediction about the alley being filled with rotten fish helped Jake fight them off since stinky fish odor irritates goblins' high sense of smell.

Taking dragon form, Jake flew the girls to the rooftop for safety, where Kara had a prediction that Jake would get an answer right on his mythology test. Which inspired Jake to use them to have more predictions about the answers for his test. At lunch, Sara had a prediction someone would take the last pudding from Rose so Jake steals it for her—which actually made the prediction true in that Jake was the one to get the last pudding before Rose could. Jake tried to use them to help him with Rose as well, which allowed him to save Rose from tripping downstairs. However due to the commotion Professor Rotwood sent Jake along to his mythology class without escorting the Oracle Twins to the office.

During his test, Jake received a message via fairy messenger that the Oracle Twins were going to be kidnapped by the goblins. Jake left the class despite Rotwood failing him and finds Sara's sandals in the hallway. With Grandpa and Fu Dog, they headed to the Ogre Bowl to find the girls. Sara's earlier predictions of smelling pixie schnitzel helped Jake locate them faster. Herbert took the Oracle twins and ran across the field. Despite an earlier prediction he would be hit by a boulder going 180 miles per hour, Jake flew after them, distracting Herbert so that he collided with the ogre "athletes", letting go of the twins. Jake caught them but seeing the boulder "ball" near him, he threw Sara and Kara to safety. As it turned out, since he had been flying at 179 miles per hour, his tail was only tapped so that he was uninjured. Unfortunately, he crashed into the stands. Kara and Sara thank him for saving them.

Later as Trixie and Spud walked home, Spud needs help tying his shoes laces, which Trixie did. They realized that was the knot the Oracle twins meant. Jake escorted the twins back to the Magus Bazaar and their home, where ominously Sara warned Jake about Rose's dark secret before closing the door on him. The episode ends with Jake banging on the door begging Sara to tell him what Rose's dark secret is.


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  • This is the tenth episode of season one and the fourteenth episode overall.
  • The scene where Jake catches Rose from falling and catches her books in a neat stack is similar to the scene in the Spider-Man 2002 film where Peter Parker does the same with his love interest Mary Jane Watson.
  • When Jake go into the hallways to check on Sara and Kara, he sees one of Sara's flip flops, but at the ogre bowl Sara is seen having both flip flops on her.
  • The end of the episode serves as a foreshadowing of Rose being revealed as the Huntsgirl to Jake, which occurs in "The Ski Trip".


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