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Boggles are humanoid creatures covered in brown fur. Not much is known about them since only one is briefly seen in the episode "Fu Dog Takes a Walk" in Season 1. They are never mentioned or seen again.

Physical Appearance[]

Although covered in fur, Boggles have scruffier beards and manes that stand out in comparison to the rest of their body. This permits them to hide in a crowd of humans more efficiently, especially if they wear clothes covering the rest of their skin. Their nose is shaped like a dog's, and they have pointed ears.


  • In Scottish mythology, the Boggle is a ghost or folkloric being that is the equivalent of the bogeyman;
  • According to Northern England mythology, the Boggle could be a derivation of the Barghest, a dog-like creature with the power of shapeshifting;
  • Apparently, Boggles shed so much that it's even worse than a real dog;
  • In "Fu Dog Takes a Walk", the unnamed Boggle adopts a pet Beagle.