Brad Morton

Ring Around the Dragon (113)

Created By:
Jeff Goode
Voiced By:
Matt Nolan[1][2]
Date Of Birth:
15 (season one)
16 (season two)[3]
Hair and Eye Color
Football Player
Officer Morton (father)
unnamed mother
First Appearance
Final Appearance
Being Human

Brad Morton[4][5] is one of the premier football players at Millard Fillmore Middle School, where he is a school bully and the popular "dumb jock". He usually thinks he is a hot shot, but at some points he just utterly fails.

He is two years older than Jake Long, making him 16 because he was held back twice in elementary school for failing 3rd grade[3].

Jake is frequently the target of Brad's abuse. Usually by him flaunting something, such as a car[3], a large wad of money[6], etc., at Jake's face. However, Jake almost always manages to get even either by himself or because of Brad's own actions backfiring.


Shapeshifter (148)

Brad as he appears in season one

Magic Enemy (21)

Brad as he appears in season two

He is very egotistical, constantly referring to himself as "The Bradster". He was a major foil to Jake getting a chance to spend time with Rose during school. He once took Rose on a date but dumped her for Jasmine, a girl Jake took to that dance unaware that she was a Nix[7]. Afterwards, he was still interested in Rose and was oblivious to the fact she no longer liked him. He always tried to steal Rose away from Jake whenever they show up.

It seems that Brad hides his fears and embarrassing secrets like his fear of the dark[8] and dreaming of becoming a ballerina[9] with his tough-guy attitude.


His father is a police officer and, much like his son, picks on other people, including Jonathan Long[10].


Season One

Season Two


  • Brad has taken piano lessons for 12 years, yet is still no better than a beginner[11].
  • Brad was suspended from school for pulling a cake bomb on Principal Rotwood and was unable to participate in graduation[12].
  • Brad is a Leo[citation needed], which would place his birthday between July 23 to August 22[13].


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