American Dragon Jake Long


[Rose and Jake are walking together from the library as they talk.]

Rose: This is nice, isn't it? [She shivers.] Well, except for the part that my fingers turn into popsicles.

Jake: Yeah, it is nice to finally be done with the secrets…

Rose: The lies…

Jake: The you trying to slay me, stuff me, and mount me on your mantle. [He makes hand gestures as he says this.]

[Rose continues walking while feeling relief in admitting everything.] Rose: It's all so weird. The Huntsman always taught me that dragons were disgusting and…ugh.

[Jake stops, wondering what's wrong.] Jake: What?

[Rose is dejected with the mention of 'The Huntsman' and wondering what's his secret plan towards all magical creatures.] Rose: It's The Huntsman. Ever since I left the Academy, he's been keeping a close watch. It's like I have to prove myself all over again, and we still don't know what he's plotting. [Rose sighs.] Us spending time together right now, it's just too risky. [She turns away as Jake doesn't say anything.] If I need to see you, maybe I should just use my charm bracelet to talk to you in your dreams like before.

Jake: What's the worst that can happen if we're together? It's not like The Huntsclan's just gonna come charging out -

[Suddenly, two screams erupt in the quiet atmosphere that sounds of #88 and #89, running from their lives from a giant serpent with a crown on top of its head, trying to attack them.]


#88: NO!

#88 & #89: AAH!

[They evade from the serpent and front flip themselves towards the couple, interrupting even further their moment. They cough and gasp from exhaustion and #89 looks up to see Rose and Jake being awkward together. He nudges his friend with his elbow to get #88 to look up.]

#89: 88, check it out. Rose went and found herself a big hunk of man. [#89 laughs at finding Rose and Jake together.]

Rose: What? No, no, no, I -

Jake: Actually, um -

[#88 and #89 didn't listen as Jake tried to warn them the snake was awake and ready to attack again.]

#88: Rose and her boyfriend, sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-

#88 & #89: AAH!

[The snake attacks, but #88 and #89 run away before they get hurt by the snake's bite. Jake and Rose stare at their retreating backs as Jake wonders what are they doing in New York.]

Jake: What are those jokers doing in the city? [They both face the same direction as #88 and #89 left in with stern expressions on their faces.]

Rose: They're working as apprentices for The Huntsman, and -

[Before Rose could say anything else, the Serpent lifts its head up and roars to grab their attention.]

Jake: On second thought, explain later.

[Jake transforms and Rose crouches down and gets in position to fight. He flies up to the serpent where Jake whacks it hard with his tail into a tree. Rose steers clear and watches as the American Dragon pushes him back.]

Jake: Ha! That'll teach you to mess with the - [Jake has his back turned, thinking he's won the fight, when all it did was knock the snake off balance. He didn't notice that the serpent was getting ready to strike at him, but Rose did in time.]

Rose: Jake, look out! [She jumps and knocks Jake down to prevent him from being eaten. Rose jabs her spear inside its mouth, trying to kick it, but Jake dives in and makes a direct hit to the back of the serpents head. Unbeknownst to them, #88 and #89 were watching from afar, curious as to why Rose was fighting alongside the dragon instead of destroying it.]

#88: Yo, man, is she fighting with that dragon? Ooh, c'mon, 89. Let's go tell The Huntsman, dude.

[Rose and Jake continue fighting with the Serpent, but it knocks Rose and her spear far from her that she'll be defenseless when it strikes. She tried to reach it, but the Serpent was getting closer and closer. She covered her face with her arms and curls up to protect herself, but Jake grabs its tail and swings him away from her, but not without breaking off the Serpent's rattler. Jake hold it in his hand, curious as to what that creature was.]

Jake: Ok, that was freaky. [He lands and transforms back into human form. He holds a hand out for Rose to take so he can help her stand up.] So, you up for dinner later? [They're still holding hands.]

Rose: Jake, we can't. [She lets go.] What if 88 and 89 had seen us fighting together? [She walks back to her spear to carry it back.] We're gonna have to keep our distance from now on. [She grabs it and walks away without a look back.] I'm sorry.

[Jake just stands there in the park, looking dejected at her distance.]



Spud: Yikes, bro. Sounds like Rose-o gave you-o the ol' heave-ho. I'd offer you some advice on how to handle it, but the Spudster's never faced that kind of rejection from the ladies. [Stacey walks by, which Spud turns on the charm.] Heyyy, there, Stacey. What's up, girl?

[She's horrified that Spud's speaking to her and runs away.] Stacey: Eew! Aah!

Spud: Oh, I'll call you?! [Spud gives a dopey grin when she left.]

Jake: That's the frustrating part, Spud. [Jake puts his stuff in his locker.] Rose totally digs me. [As he said this, Jake closes his locker.] But she's convinced that spending time together's too dangerous.

Trixie: You know, Jakey, Little Miss Ninja Thang does have a point.

Jake: But it's only dangerous if I'm around her as a dragon. As long as I'm in human form, we're just two kids who just chill at the same school. Rose and I can totally make this work. I'm just gonna have to find a way to spend time with her.


[Class starts and Principal Rotwood uses his nails to scrape on the chalkboard, giving off a screeching sound and make the students groan in pain and irritation.]

Principal Rotwood: Attention, Hoodlums! Since Mr. Ugenstein, your science teacher, is still recovering from last week's Bunsen burner debacle, I have the distinct pleasure of handing out this week's assignment.

[Everyone moans and grumbles at having a science project and Professor Rotwood is grading it.]

Principal Rotwood: Enough with your overlapping grumblings! You will each pair up with a partner to invent something that will impress the lederhosen off of me.

[Jake sits up straighter as soon as Principal Rotwood gave him a way to spend more time with Rose. He gives a glance in her direction and figured out how to achieve it.]

Jake: Partner? [Rose is paying attention to Principal Rotwood and what's he's looking for for this project.]

Principal Rotwood: Projects are due Friday. [He shakes up pieces of papers with the students name, so everything will be random.] I will grade you on originality, functionality, and revolutionality. [Principal Rotwood drops them all in a hat, shakes them up, and holds it out for a student to pick a name.] Jake Long, begin the choosing of the partners.

[Jake smiles at this request.] Jake: With pleasure. [When he arrives at the hat, Jake sticks his hand in, and whispers out a dragon ability to cheat.] Eye of the Dragon. [Using his powers, he spots Rose's name and pulls it out of the hat, handing it to Principal Rotwood.]


[The bell rings and Rose is pleading with Principal Rotwood to allow her to change her partner.]

Rose: But, Mister - I mean, Principal Rotwood, Jake and I can't be partners. [Principal Rotwood stops to listen.] Right, Jake?

Jake: Well, I did totally randomly pull your name out of the - [Before Jake could finish, Rose interrupts him.]

Rose: But that doesn't matter, 'cause Jake and I…uh…can't stand each other. I mean, who in their right mind wear that much hair gel?

[Jake takes a little offense to this, so he replies back.]

Jake: Say what? [He grabs his hair and fixes it] Well, your hair's totally…[Jake couldn't say one horrible about Rose's hair.]…golden and…nice.

Principal Rotwood: Enough! You will be spending a lot of time together this week, so whatever problems you have with each other, deal with it! [He walks away in a hurry down the hall. Jake smiles at Rose while she looks at Jake, horrified.]


[Spud and Trixie are sitting together on a table, talking about what to invent for their project. Spud is drawing a design plan for an invention.]

Spud: How about we invent a "Pick 'N' Flick"? Automatic nose picker? [He shows the design to her while Trixie stares back with a deadpan expression.]

Trixie: Boy, don't make me smack you.

Spud: Some people just aren't ready for progress. [An alarm notifies him to prep for the harsh winter.] Oop. Time for a liberal slathering of lip oink-ment. [He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out all the products he uses to protect himself from any and all kinds of harsh winter weather, dumping them on the table.] Behold, my winter supply of lip treatments, face lotions, and petroleum jellies. [Spud picks one out with the picture of a pig and uncaps it as he readies it to be applied on his lips.] Together, they create a fortress of protection against the harsh elements of Mother Nature.

[Trixie makes a face.] Trixie: Ew. "Hangnail Helper?", "Apoca-lips Wow?" [Trixie throws them back onto the table.] Spudinski, you got, like, a hundred different things goin' on here. What's up with just one skin product?

[Spud finishes applying his lip balm when he got a brilliant idea.] Spud: That's it! We'll invent one product with 100 uses. And we shall call it…'100 Use Cream.'

Trixie: Hmm. [She was starting to dig the idea, and agrees to help create that. Trixie pours her French fries on a napkin, ready to get started.] Well, the name needs work. But let's get fixin' to do some mixin'.

[Meanwhile, Jake was in line, looking depressed and receiving some food from the lunch lady as Rose stares at him from afar. Feeling bad, she walks over to talk.]

Rose: For the record, you don't wear too much hair gel. [Jake smiles bashfully.] Ok, you do, but it's cute.

Jake: Look, I know you're totally worried about us hanging out, but it's out of our hands, right? [He lifts his hands up in a placating gesture.] I mean, you've gotta pass science and I've gotta pass science…

Rose: You're right. I mean, it's just an innocent school assignment. So, how's tomorrow night sound? 4th Street Library? Say around six-ish?

Jake: It's a date! I mean, study date. Not even a date. A study adventure. A boring, study adventure. [Rose watches him stumble and get nervous around her.] But, not totally boring…

Rose: I'll be looking forward to it. [She smiles at Jake before turning around and walking away.]

[Jake smiles goofily at Rose's retreating back, happy that his plan worked.]

Jake: Guys, check it out. [He walks over to Trixie and Spud with his lunch and talk about his master plan.] Operation Rose is officially a go. One study date will lead to two, and before you know it, we'll be studying from the Book of Love.

Spud: Ah, the Book of Love. I know it well. [Spud spots Stacey walking by with her lunch.] Heyy, there, girl.

[She's horrified that Spud's speaking to her and runs away.] Stacey: Eew! Aah!

Spud: Ha ha! It's like I'm a rockstar.

Jake: So what should I wear? My red jacket or should I mix it up with my other red jacket?

[Spud notices something on his nose, and tells his best friend about it.] Spud: Uh, yo, bro? I think you've got bigger problems than what to wear.

[Then, Trixie notices what's on Jake's face, grimacing in agreement.] Trixie: Ew, yeah, and it's starin' at us from the end of your nose.


[Jake stares at himself in the mirror while Fu Dog and Lao Shi examine the rattler Jake ripped of the snake he fought against last night.] Jake: Stand back, Gramps. I think this thing is gonna blow!

Lao Shi a.k.a. Gramps: Do not worry, young one. I am sure that the blemish is just the beginning of your molting cycle. Now tell me about the serpent you encountered.

Jake: Well, let's see. it had this freaky skull around it's neck, and - [Jake begins to freak out after Gramps' words sink into his head] - I HAVE A MOLTING CYCLE?!? [He grabs his hair, confused at this new information.]

Fu Dog: Oh, sure. [Fu Dog scratches his head with his foot] A dragon sheds its skin once every ten years or so. Didn't anybody ever tell ya?

Jake: Uhh, I think I'd remember having a discussion about my skin peeling off my body!

Fu Dog: Listen, kid. Before you go makin' a mountain out of a molehill, lemme ask you this: [He takes a book and opens it, showing a magical illusion of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly] ya know how caterpillar transforming into a butterfly is a perfectly natural and beautiful process?

Jake: Yeah?…

[Fu Dog pushes the other books out of the way, opening the purple book that detailed the process of a dragon's molting cycle.] Fu Dog: Good, 'cause molting's nothing like that! [He laughs.] Oh, it starts with a zit. [A magical hologram depicts of a boy with a zit on the tip of his nose.] Then, it turns into a hundred zits. [Another magical illusion shows the boy's skin turning gray and loose.] Then, before you know it, your skin turns grayer and lumpier than a big ol' bowl of expired oatmeal.

Jake: Say what? [He faces the mirror, trying to pop the zit to no avail.] I have a study date with Rose tomorrow night, who, until a few months ago, thought dragons were sick and nasty!

Fu Dog: Look, kid, there's no reason you can't go about your business as usual. Take the old man, for example. He could've let molting get in the way of his singles cruise to Boca last year, but he didn't. [He winks and Gramps for his bravery.]


[Grandpa relaxes in a bubbly, warm hot tub on the deck. Two elderly women in conservative swimwear walk onto the deck. He turns to them with a smile.]

Lao Shi a.k.a. Gramps: Welcome to the Lido deck, ladies! [He stands up from the water, does a little dance to attract them to him.] The water's F-I-N-E fine! [However, it backfired when they both had looks of horror and disgust on their faces.]


[Gramps is looking through the books to find and locate the creature that Jake fought against last night.]

Lao Shi a.k.a. Gramps: Quiet! We have much more serious matters to worry about than - Ai-ya! [He took a look at the page and found the creature, which caused him to worry immensely.] Jake, you must tell me: is this the serpent you encountered? [A magical hologram of the snake Jake fought appeared to which Jake confirmed.]

Jake: Yeah. Why? Gramps, what is it?

[Gramps closes the book and had a grave expression on his face.] Lao Shi a.k.a. Gramps: A Guardian Serpent.


[The Huntsman angrily paces back and forth at the incompetence of his second-in-command and the two apprentices he agreed to take in.]

The Huntsman: You fools! How could you let the serpent get away?

#88: Alright,