American Dragon Jake Long

Brownies are small, easily angered but fearless creatures. They first appear on Draco Island[1], and a Brownie individual called Reggie is featured in two later episodes[2][3].

Brownies are usually ill-tempered and will tend to bite if threatened. This also applies when they're in a bad mood, and even when they are in a good mood.

Physical Appearance[]

Brownies are extremely small elf-like creatures, about no bigger than an adult fist. They have pointed ears similar to elves, and different shades of red hair depending on the individual. They wear tunics, pants, jackets, and shoes made of cloth scraps and use ropes for their belts.

Powers and Abilities[]

Brownies crystals

Brownies enjoying crystallized dust

Although Brownies do not actually possess magical abilites, they can be quite troublesome adversaries. Because of their small size, they can squeeze into tight spaces and can crawl under the clothes of someone caught unaware. They are especially hard to manage when they gang up on their enemies. However, Brownies are known for not being very smart and for their love of shiny things, which can make for a good distraction.

A trio of Brownies managed to single-handedly bind the American Dragon in a tight rope[1].


  • Brownies are folklore creatures from Scotland and England mythology often described as small elf-like creatures that work inside a human's house in exchange for sacrifices and gifts.
  • Brownies speak with a Scottish accent.
  • Brownies were pitted against Jake as a test for his wisdom in battle[1].