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In Season 1

Centaurs are magical creatures which have the appearance of being human from the waist up mated atop the shoulders of a horse.

Physical Appearance[]


In Season 2

Centaurs are most often seen wearing tunics or blouses and usually with leather arm bracers[1]

Life in the Magical World[]

Fu Dog Centaur

A bump of the rump

Centaurs live mostly within the magical realm with other magical creatures, but some are known to take the New York City subway[2]. They can seem to be quite clumsy to other beings due to the amount of space they require for their lower horse-like body and are often known to bump their rump against others[3].

Some Centaurs compete against each other in Centaur competitions, especially races which are the equivalent of horse races in the human realm[4].


  • In Greek mythology, Centaurs are considered to be cruel and vicious creatures that kill for pleasure.
  • Centaurs are divided into herds, one being from Highbridge Park.
  • There is a photograph of a centaur in Fu Dog's yearbook[5].
Centaur Girl

A Centaur girl.