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A trio of hunting Cerberus

A Cerberus is a magical creature issued from Greek mythology. One appears as a beauty pageant contestant in "Eye of the Beholder" and a few others briefly appear in "The Hunted", both episodes taking place in Season 1. Cerberus do not appear in Season 2.

Physical Appearance[]

Cerberuses are just like regular dogs, except that they have three heads instead of one. Their fur is also naturally dyed blue. They can also either have normal or red eyes. Usually, Cerberuses will wear a collar around their necks.

Life in the Magical World[]


An intelligent Cerberus

Interestingly enough, Cerberuses can either be intelligent creatures capable of speech (as seen in "Eye of the Beholder"), or mindless and savage beasts used as hunting dogs (as seen in "The Hunted"). The reason for this may be that Cerberuses are naturally intelligent creatures and are usually considered as individuals in the Magical Community. The ones seen in "The Hunted" were most probably brainwashed by the Huntsclan to do their biding, a likely hypothesis since the Huntsclan is renown for using magical creatures for their own nefarious purposes.


  • In Greek mythology, there is only one Cerberus and it is tasked to guard the entrance to the underworld;
  • All three heads of a Cerberus have the same voice.
  • Although Cerberus may not actually be the name of the species, but a name for the gaurd of the underworld. "Hell hound" may actually be the species of three-headed dogs.
  • In some tales, Cerberus is said to have viper heads around its neck (for a mane like a lion) and having a long serpent head for a tail.
  • Cerberus is also said to have a venemous breath like the Hydra.
  • The Hydra and Chimera are known to be siblings of Cerberus, since these monsters have many heads.
  • In some tales, Cerberus actually has brown fur, not blue fur.