Chang in Season 1

Councilor Chang is a former member of the Dragon Council, as well as a former World Dragon.


Councilor Chang is a dragon from China just like Lao Shi, as well as a dragon councilor at Draco Island. She first appears as one of Jake's examiners during the "Test of Flight" challenge[1]. At the end of the episode, her duplicity is shown as she is a double agent for the Dark Dragon and had been for centuries. In a later episode, it is revealed that she orchestrated the legendary battle between Lao Shi and the Dark Dragon in which Lao Shi emerged the victor[2]. Later on

Chang in her dragon form during the final battle at the end of season 2.

, she is seen leading Lao Shi into the sewers where she double crosses him in turn revealing her loyalty to the Dark Dragon, she traps Lao Shi in sphinx hair netting and summons her master; however, she was defeated by Jake (who had enlisted the help of Trixie and Spud and a few magical creatures) to rescue Lao Shi. Her next appearance is when she along with her fellow councilors, Kulde (Arctic Dragon) and Andam (African Dragon), were captured by the Huntsclan to be executed as part of Huntsgirl's initiation test[3]. Chang returned in Season 2 where she escaped from prison and had a sidekick named Bananas B[4]. Chang appears again with Bananas B where they stole hydra scales and a phoenix feather, and Chang pretty seems to know who Sun Park is. In the Season 2 finale, she is seen with Bananas B and the Dark Dragon[5]. She was hit by sphinx hair net in combat. She was probably sent back to jail after that.

Dragon Abilities

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Like all dragons Chang possess their abilities but also uses weapons similar to huntsclan technolgy.


  • When Chang was younger, she bared an unusual resemblance to Jasmine.
  • In Season 2, Chang had such a change in character design, she didn't even look like she belonged on the Dragon Council anymore. In fact, her appearance, human and dragon, looked very similar to Queen Narissa aside from color scheme.
  • Chang is very similar to Demona from Gargoyles.
    • Both are the same species as the main protagonist.
    • Both have betrayed the person they (presumably) loved to further their own goals.
    • Both use magic as a means to accomplish their goals.
    • Both are regarded as outcasts by the groups they themselves once belonged to.


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