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Cyclops season 1

Season 1

The Cyclops is a magical creature that originates from Greek mythology. One first appears very briefly in "Fu Dog Takes a Walk" and another later appears in "Eye of the Beholder" (both in Season 1) as a mildly important character. They also make recurring appearances in Season 2, although they never take on a big role throughout the series.

Physical Appearance[]


Season 2

The Cyclopes are humanoid creatures that only have one eye. In Season 1, they are very much like humans. They have normal skin, body shape and hair. They even wear modern clothes like shirts and skirts. This makes it easy for them to blend in with crowds of non-magical beings, granted they hide the fact they only have one eye.

In Season 2, Cyclopes get a major redesign. They are now more giant-like: they have broad shoulders, heavy muscles, pointy ears, sometimes even a horn on top of their heads, and stand nearly twice as tall as an adult human. Their skin is also more of a darker beige/greyish color. They are mostly seen wearing vests made of scales or feathers, a leather belt, studded bracelets, shorts, and sandals.

Magical Powers[]

Since Cyclopes do not have a very prominent role in the series, it is unknown what kind of powers they may possess. They most likely have super strength, but nothing else is known about their abilities.

In Season 2, it appears as though Cyclopes are a bit slow and not all that smart.


  • In Greek mythology, the most famous Cyclops is Polyphemus, the very one who was blinded by Odysseus in order to escape the monster's cave;
  • In Season 1, all the Cyclopes that make an appearance are female, whilst in Season 2 they are all male;
  • In "Fu Dog Takes a Walk", a female Cyclops adopts a poodle;
  • In the episode "Body Guard Duty", an answer to one of Rotwood's questions was the Cyclops;
  • In "Eye of the Beholder", the Cyclops character is named Iris, a joke on the fact she possesses a single eye.