American Dragon Jake Long
Danika Hunnicutt

Siren Says (66)

Created By:
Jeff Goode
Voiced By:
Jessica DiCicco[1][2]
Date Of Birth:
1991/1992[citation needed]
14[citation needed]
Hair and Eye Color
First Appearance
Final Appearance

Danika Hunnicutt[3][4] was a student at Jake's school, who for a time was his rebound love interest. They were partners for graduation. She was the swim team captain at Millard Fillmore Middle School.

Background/History Info[]

Danika first came to the gang's attention when Spud tried to invite her to be his dancing partner at the school dance around the time he and Jake needed to infiltrate the Huntsclan's secret training facility[5]. After that, Jake tried to attract Danika's attention by performing some of his skateboarding​ tricks. He initially succeeded, but a new transfer student by the name of Nigel Thrall impressed her more by cutting her lunch into perfect pieces. As a result, she backed him in the school presidential elections[6].

Later, Trixie and Spud held a charity auction where girls from the school would bid on boys in order to be able to spend the whole week together, ending with a trip to the Manhattan Medieval Museum. Since Rose was gone, Jake felt it time to get a new girlfriend and signed up for the auction. When Jake was up, Danika and a weird nerdy girl named Vicky ended up trying to outbid each other. When Danika ran out of money and it seemed Vicky was going to win, Jake wanted the prettier girl, so when no one was looking, he shot a five dollar bill her way so she would have enough to win. However, once Jake met Danika, he started acting funny. His eyes glowed blue, and he did incredibly dangerous and weird things.

Gramps, Trixie, and Fu believed Danika to be a siren and that she was hypnotizing him. They pressured Jake to give the plain girl a chance. Finally tired of everyone being on his case, Jake agreed to go with Vicky to the Museum. Once there, Danika showed up and once again he was hypnotized. He then finally believed she was a siren controlling him, since it was easy to believe a beautiful girl was a siren. Trixie, who was the first to suspect Danika for this very reason, felt very embarrassed at this point. Danika ran off crying, and the siren turned out to be Vicky, and that she had secretly given a necklace to Danika, which gave her powers of a siren. Eventually they defeated Vicky, but the relationship between Danika and Jake had been damaged[7].

When graduation rolled around, partners for graduation day where all snapped up, leaving Jake with the prospect of taking the first-aid dummy. At the last minute, he met up with Danika, who was without a partner herself because Brad got suspended. Jake and Danika then decided to go together, Danika saying she was no longer angry with him, and Jake promised her there would be no interruptions[8].

Episode Appearances[]

Season Two[]


  • Danika's voice actor, Jessica DiCicco, also voiced Malina in The Emperor's New School.
  • There is a scene where a group of teens circle Jake and his golden motorbike[9]. In the crowd, two Danikas can be seen! It is possible that they are twin sisters.
    • During the auction[7], not only is the swim team captain Danika present wearing a dress with her hair down and unfettered, but another "Danika" is seen in the audience wearing the more familiar cap-and-street-clothes. Perhaps one spells her name with a "c", while the other spells her name with a "k".
    • In the school's hallway[8], the cap-wearing Danika walks past just before Jake turns to talk to the dress-wearing one about being his graduation partner.


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