American Dragon Jake Long
Dolores Derceto
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Hair and Eye Color: Brunette and Black
Occupation: Principal (Season 1)
Mermaid Detective (Season 2)
Employment: Principal (formerly)
Mermaid Detective
Friends: Jake Long
Luong Lao Shi
Production Info
Portrayed by: Suzanne Blakeslee
First Appearance: The Talented Mr. Long
Last Appearance: Being Human

Dolores Derceto[1][2] is a mermaid detective working undercover as the principal of Jake's middle school.


Dolores is a mermaid detective working undercover as the principal of Jake's junior high school. She acted as the principal of Jake's school before Hans Rotwood took over the job. She once noted that she saw Jake more often than her own secretary. Though initially appearing to be a paraplegic, eventually she was revealed to be an undercover mermaid detective seeking out the Kelpie. She also developed a relationship with Lao Shi, but left once her assignment was finished, much to the regret of both.

Episode Appearances[]

Season One[]

Season Two[]


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  • Derceto, in mythology, was a Syrian fertility goddess who took the form of a mermaid.
  • The idea of a mermaid masquerading as a disabled human seems to take inspiration from Lori Lemaris, one of Superman's suitors in some early comics.
  • The name "Dolores Derceto" may be a reference to "Dolores Delago", a mermaid character portrayed by singer Bette Midler who similarly used a wheelchair to move on land.
  • Ironically, one of the teachers she hired (Professor Rotwood) wishes to uncover magical creatures, which he eventually succeeded in.