American Dragon Jake Long

"Dragon's Breath" is the second episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


Jake begins to have horrible Dragon breath. To make matters worse, his school's dance is tonight and all the girls reject him due to his breath. So Fu makes Jake a necklace to suppress the odor and takes Jake to the mythical world to find a date. Jake sees a beautiful girl walking pass and invites her to the dance without Fu's knowledge. When his date turns out to be a soul sucking Nix, Jake must save his school and their souls.


Goblins and trolls came up out of the sewers, screaming in terror. Grandpa and Fu Dog tell Jake to find out the cause. Jake explains that his school's Fall Dance will be the next day, ergo he preferred not to have his face rearranged. Fu Dog pushed Jake down the sewer where he splashed. Jake was immediately attacked by the unknown creature. He changes into his dragon form, and attempts to fight back, but failed. The creature punched Jake in the stomach. This causes fire to burst out which scared the creature away. Jake came out of the sewers celebrating his victory. Grandpa spoils the parade by saying that the creature will be back.

Later, when Jake, Trixie, and Spud were skateboarding to school, Trixie told Jake that she's taking Spud to the dance so that the other girls won't have to be his date. As they stopped in front of the school, Trixie then smelled something funny and asked the boys if they smelled it too. Spud said it can't be him since he's showered yesterday or last Tuesday.  

As they entered the school, Trixie asked Jake who he was taking to the dance. Jake told them he's planning on asking Rose out. He approached Rose to ask her out, only to find out that Brad had already asked her in the morning. In an attempt to cover up his shock, Jake told them that he already had a date who is "hot" and was only making sure that Rose already had one. Jake then told Spud and Trixie about needing a date. Spud offered to go as he has a wig, except Trixie tells him that he's already her date. Jake found out it's his breath that stank. Jake tried asking out the other girls in his school, except the girls were repulsed by his bad breath, including the janitor. The school evacuated due to his odor. 

Jake went to his Grandpa for help. Grandpa told him bad breath was normal for dragons his age since his fire-breathing glands were maturing and that it would only last for one to two weeks, causing Jake to become upset. Fu Dog helped Jake by making a potion to take away his bad breath as long as he wore it in a necklace. 

Fu Dog then took Jake to Magus Bazaar to get a date. Fu Dog warned Jake not to talk to anybody unless he said so. The first person Fu Dog attempted to set up Jake up with was Veronica, but Jake was put off because of her eight hairy spider legs.

Dragon Breath (194)

Veronica meets Jake and Fu

Fu Dog then introduced Jake to the Oracle twins, Sara and Kara. Sara was the "Little Miss Sunshine" who can only see the bad stuff while Kara, "Miss Gloom and Doom" can only see the good stuff. Jake disapproved due to Sara's enthusiasm to share the bad stuff she sees and Kara's gloomy attitude, since he wanted a date that'll impress Rose instead of traumatize her.

Jake then saw a hot girl and went to ask her out, but Fu Dog was grabbed by an ogre and his old foe Herbert the Goblin. The girl introduced herself as Jasmine, who agreed to go to the dance as long as she got home early. Jake promised to do so. Seeing Fu Dog in trouble, Jake went to beat the ogre and Herbert. After Jake and Jasmine waved goodbye to each other, Jasmine's eyes glowed red. 

Before the dance, Jake wore his suit in the living room. His parents took his picture. When the doorbell rang, Haley went and opened the door and saw Jasmine. Haley was surprised that Jake is dating someone as pretty as Jasmine. She reveals embarrassing secrets about Jake. Before Jake and Jasmine leave, Jake's mother quickly takes a picture of them. When she saw the pictures, she's surprised when only Jasmine's eyes were red.

At the dance, Trixie and Spud were by a table. She told Spud that she will not dance with him and that he must pose for pictures that could later be used against her. Jake and Jasmine then arrived at the dance. Jake introduced Jasmine to Trixie and Spud, but quickly led Jasmine to where Rose was. 

Back at Grandpa's shop, Grandpa was trying to fix the digital camera as Susan believed it's broken. When Grandpa saw Jasmine's red eyes in the picture, he realized that Jasmine was a Nix: "a creature who is harmless and beautiful during the day, but becomes a soul-sucking monster when the moon reaches the center of the night sky." Back at the dance, Jasmine reminded Jake about making sure she went home early, except Jake would not listen. Jake went to introduce Jasmine to Brad and Rose. Brad was impressed that Jake managed to find someone as hot as Jasmine. As Jake began dancing in the middle of the crowd, Jasmine realized the moon was getting near the center of the sky. Her attempts to get Jake to take her home were useless as Jake was busy dancing. When Jasmine attempted to leave, Brad stopped her at the door. Despite her excuses that she's not feeling well, Brad took Jasmine to dance. 

Trixie then pointed out to Jake that his hot date is dancing with Brad. Jake realized that Brad must've ditched Rose, meaning she was alone. Taking this opportunity, Jake went to Rose. Rose told him that the reason why Brad asked her out was so that he could dance with the prettiest girl in the room. Jake asked her out to dance, telling her that he wants to dance with the prettiest girl in the room. 

Dragon Breath (226)

Nix stealing Soul.

As Jasmine and Brad were dancing, Jasmine sucked Brad's soul, causing him to be in a trance and his eyes to become red swirls. Jasmine continued to steal other souls.

While Jake and Rose are still dancing, a "soulless" guy bumps into them. Jake realizes something is wrong with him and sees Jasmine stealing the souls of other kids.  Jake goes to Trixie, warning her not to let Spud dance with Jasmine only to find out he's already in a trance. Jake goes under the table to call Fu Dog and tell him about his date, which Jake was clueless about until Grandpa reveals that Jasmine is a Nix. Fu Dog warns Jake to take the Nix out of the school before the moon reaches the center of the sky, except it's too late. Jasmine transforms into the Nix and immediately steals all the souls of the kids. Jake becomes a dragon to fight the Nix. Grandpa and Fu Dog then arrived with a posion that would help defeat the Nix. Jake then drank it, thinking it was supposed to help him, only to find out that whoever drinks it renders them powerless, causing Jake to return back into his human form. Jake tried to fight the Nix either way. When Fu Dog told Jake that he stinks at fighting, Jake then got the idea to take off his necklace so that his breath could stink again. The Nix became weakened by his dragon breath and collapsed, returning everybody's souls.

Dragon Breath (232)

When Jake tried to explain what happened, they immediately complained about his smell. As Jake went to leave, Rose went to thank Jake for the dance.  Later, Jake went back to Magus Bazaar to take Jasmine home. Jasmine apologized for sucking his school's souls and Jake apologized for not listening. He told her everything was okay since everyone got their souls back in their right bodies. However, it turned out that Trixie's and Spud's souls got switched.


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  • The production code is 103, but the episode came out as the 2nd episode of the 1st season.
  • This is the first and only episode with a Nix in it.
  • This episode is also the first to show a school dance.
  • This episode is the debut of Veronica, Sara and Kara, and Jasmine.
  • The end of the episode shows that Trixie and Spud's souls switched. It is unknown how they switched back, though it was possible the effects were only temporary.
  • When Grandpa showed Fu Dog the picture of Jasmine, she's wearing a sweater.
  • It can clearly be seen that when Jake and Fu pull into the train station, they are in the front car. But when the train is seen again, they are in the middle car.
  • The dragon mark on Rose/Huntsgirl's arm seems to only be visible when the animators want to make a big deal about it. For example, at the dance, Jake takes Rose's hand and you can see the dragon, but a split second later, we zoom out to a shot of everyone dancing in the gym and her arm is completely clean.
  • At the school dance, we can see that many of the girls are wearing the same style of dress except that they're different colors.
  • Jasmine's character is supposed to be a Succubus, but that plan was nixed for various legal reasons.
  • It is revealed that Jake had to go through 1st grade with an extra pair of underwear.
  • Rose's black hairband is drawn red when she's sitting at the table alone.
  • When Sara and Kara are first seen, Sara doesn't have the blue waistband on her dress.
  • Dragon Breath[1][2] is the third episode of season one. and the third episode overall. It premiered as the second episode.


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