American Dragon Jake Long
The World Dragon Council
Character Statistics
Gender: Male & Female
Members: Councilor Andam
Councilor Kukulkhan
Councilor Kulde
Councilor Omina
Councilor Chang (formerly)
Goals: Preserve balance in The Magical Community
Headquarters: Isle of Draco
Employment: Guide the world population of Dragons in protecting the Magical World
Production Info
First Appearance: Dragon Breath
Last Appearance: The Hong Kong Longs

The World Dragon Council is the ruling body of the dragons and The Order of The Dragon and one of the most influential organizations of the magical community. The Dragon Council chooses the dragons that will defend a nation and can expell them. They are also the ones responsible for enforcing the magical rules.


The Dragon Council reside in the Island of Draco, a magically concealed island located somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. This island most important feature is the Dragon Castle which has a lot of foreign architecture, including ancient Egyptian, Greek, Arabian, European and Chinese architecture.


As the ruling body of the dragonkind, the Dragon Council had the ability to elect Dragon Masters. They also can nominate a dragon to protect a determinated zone. They also can, magically, strip a dragon of his or her powers.

Members of the Dragon Council[]

Former members[]


  • The majority of the council members are former World Dragons, implying that a qualification to become a councilor is to first be a world dragon.