Varies from dragon to dragon. Some might be wingless
Main Abilities
Doppelganger creation
Physical Enhancements

Fire/ice breathing Magic

Life in the Magical World
Serve as protectors of all magical creatures
Status of race

Dragons are a race of beings able to shape-shift to human form. Occasionally some are locked in human-form[1] as access to dragon powers skipped them. Arguably, this also means it is possible for some of the power-skipped to be locked in dragon-form, unable to shift to human. While this was never addressed, it should be noted that The Dark Dragon was never seen in a human guise.

As a whole, Dragons act as the protectors of magic and all beings which use it.


Dragons exist since pre-history[2]. They were designated at an unspecific time as the protectors of the Magical World, a duty that sometimes forces them to intercede in conflicts with humankind.

Eventually, dragons and all magical creatures were forced into hiding[3].

Physical Appearance

The color of a dragon's form varies from individual to individual, usually matching their favorite colors and clothes. Also, a dragon's wings are unique to different dragons. Some may even lack wings like Grandpa.

Dragon Traits

Certain abilities for dragons may vary such as breathing ice instead of fire their main abilities are:


Dragons have the ability to transform between their human-form, and their dragon-form. The nature of the transformations vary with the type of dragon. Sometimes, their transformation may be accompanied by flames
which quickly ran across parts of their bodies although it is unknown if it is for every dragon. For Jake and Lao Shi, it has been observed as a thick, engulfing, blue smoke-like aura which usually would stem from hands to cover their body. For other dragons, the colors may vary. Dragons can also transform specific individual body parts such as arms, legs, ears, eyes, etc., into its counterpart dragon form. With the aid of a special potion, all dragons possess a latent "all-purpose" ability to transform into any person they chose, however doing so also temporarily blocks their use of their other dragon powers for approximately 24 hours[4]. Although dragons have superhuman endurance, too much damage can reverse a transformation and possibly leave them unconscious


Dragons can fly quite fast and are quite maneuverable which is useful in combat for dodging and attacking, as well as traveling across the city quickly. 

Strength/Dragon Claws

All dragons can lift anywhere from 5-25 tons and much more if angered or under extreme stress[citation needed]. This was demonstrated by Jake a few times as he has been able to carry heavy magical creatures and even full-sized giants
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and was able to break through steel[5]. This ability is complemented by their dragon claws, which have been shown to be able to rip through solid concrete and other durable forms of matter. For example, Jake's feats of strength have been exhibited numerous times throughout his brief career, such as being able to hold or overpower large magical creatures[5][6], or uphold large inanimate objects[7][8]. Their claws can also pick locks and scratch enemies or objects.

Eye/Ear of the Dragon

American Dragon Jake Long Enhanced Vision

Eye of the dragon.

All dragons' vision and hearing are increased exponentially. They are able to utilize a natural form of infrared vision, allowing them to see in the dark and see at longer distances than humans. Their hearing can pick out individual sources of sound which is either far from them, or obscured by noisemaking or sound-blocking obstacles this was demonstrated by Jake many times. For dragons like Jake, when he uses his dragon-sight his eyes glow bright red, and when using dragon-hearing his ears grow longer although there maybe various other colours for the eyes and ears of a dragon.


Dragons have extremly sharp teeth. This means one can bite through steel or even if they can not their teeth will be undamaged.

Breath Weapon

A staple associated with most dragon mythologies, most dragons can breath fire at will, and some such as Councilor Kulde can manipulate and breath ice meaning they are capable of controlling it. The colors for fire breathing may vary. Dragons are capable of producing steady streams of flame or as fireballs. In the case of Councilor Kulde, the icy breath of his species can encase an enemy in ice[9]. For example, Jake eventually learned to handle fire without harm to himself[10][11][12].
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Jake breathing fire while in dragon form

Doppelgänger Technique

A dragon power inherent to all dragons is the ability to project their personal chi to create one or more temporary copies of themselves known as doppelgängers[13], described as a defensive technique used to distract or fool enemies during battles. Creating a doppelgänger comes from the dragon's personal and limited amount of life energy. So making multiple copies can cause them to become weaker overall. The nature of a copy depends on the type chi amplifier used to make it. One formed from a positive amplifier will be good and follow the goals of the original, while any made with a negative amplifier can gain a life of its own, often be evil, and turn against its maker.

Dragon Scale "Armor"

The skin of a dragon is extremely tough and highly resistant to damage although extremely sharp objects can scrape their scales. According to Rose, dragons have a soft underbelly. It has also been suggested they have a weakness behind their left ears which is considered a lethal strike in there can result with instant death.

Dragon Tail

Like many dragons, Jake has a tail. Like his arms, it has impressive strength as well as excellent length, maneuverability, and balance. Jake occasionally uses it for a sneak attack upon an enemy[14] or to access objects beyond his normal reach.

Dragon Feet

It gives Jake and all dragons a little extra height but so far Jake has been the only one to use it. He used it sparingly, such as while trying to kiss Rose[15] and being taller in a photo[16].

Dragon Arm

Seen only once, Jake used it to manipulate enough heat to stop Trixie from preventing him from going to see Rose[15].

Dragon Wings

Dragons grows wings as an extension to their back in their dragon form. Placed near their arms, it can be assumed that they grow out of their shoulders like the wings of a bird or bat and follow the arm-finger format, where the arm is the first curve protruding from their backs and the fingers are the branching bones from the end of the arm's curve. As such, Jake for example can feel and control each joint within his wings. Therefore, adapting to use his wings and dragon form in general may have required a great deal of training and patience to be accustomed to the new anatomy upon transformation. The natural position of the wings of a dragon is half closed and placed behind their backs, but in flight or combat, they are spread wide in order to provide momentum in movement. In one scenario, Jake spreads one wing open and the other in its usual half closed position; as this was seen only once, it can be assumed that some dragon such as Jake has difficulty moving one wing to a certain position without moving the other. In some birds, the joints are aligned such that moving one wing without the other can create discomfort or even pain; the same factor can be applied to Jake and other dragons if applicable. Jake prefers to spread his wings high and wide. Jake's wings lack any form of muscle along the "arm", showing he is young and have yet to grown to his full potential as a flier. The membranes of his wings are immune to fire and cannot be burnt as easily as those of bats. Their wings are immune to wing clippers as they do not rely on feathers.

Dragon Tongue

This gives all dragons the ability to lengthen their tongues to catch, grab, or tickle objects and enemies.

Fire Resistance

Dragons are nearly fireproof. They can take direct fire from other dragons directly with little to no injury.

Cold Resistance

Dragons are able to withstand cold temperatures that would be problematic for humans. The biggest demonstration of this was by Jake during The Ski Trip where he was outside during snow storms and even standing on ice and snow for prolonged periods without him showing any apparent discomfort, though it prevented him from using his fire breath.

Resistance to injury

Dragons have superhuman endurance. They can be smashed into solid objects, such as a a brick wall with little injury, and can fall from heights which would kill a normal human.


Jake and all dragons have enhanced reflexes. They can dodge most attacks which would be impossible for a human to dodge in both dragon and human form.

Enhanced Agility

All dragons possess enhanced agility in their human form and dragon form. This allows them to perform incredible acrobatics with no effort whatsoever and in their dragon form they are very flexible.


Along with dragon abilities comes specific weaknesses able to leave them unconscious, or even dead:

Sphinx/Sphinx Hair

Dragons have a weakness to Sphinx Hair. Woven into a net it can render them completely powerless[10]. Too much exposure[citation needed] may even leave a dragon unconscious.

Left Ear

Dragons possess a weakness behind their left ear where a clean strike can result with a kill[17].


Wind can prevent a dragon from using their fire breath, depending on its intensity.


Dragons can be vulnerable to select spells, potions, and even the powers of other magical creatures.

All-in-all, Dragons are considered the most powerful of the magical world's creatures. This may be why they serve to protect the magical world and all the creatures living in it.

Life in the Magical World

Dragons are the protectors of the Magical World. They keep law and order and protect weak magical creatures from being harmed by other magical creatures and the Huntsclan. This somewhat makes them the main target for the latter. However, not all magical creatures tend to respect a Dragon's role as a guardian and tend to challenge them for dominance many times. Dragons are able to alter their forms to pass themselves off as humans, so they use this ability to live in the human world and even start families with Human beings.

Quote from Jeff Goode site

Dragons are the most powerful of the magical creatures of myth and legend, and as such, they were long ago designated Protectors of the magical realm and all its denizens - a responsibility which sometimes requires them to intercede in conflicts with humankind.'In fact, the unfortunate stereotype of dragons as fire-breathing damsel-snatchers stems entirely from a single regrettable incident in medieval Europe.
In Eastern mythology, dragons are considered benevolent spirits who control the wind and the rain or shape-shifters who appear to lost travelers in the form of wise old men or helpful young women.
Dragons appear to have been many things to many people over the centuries. But all of these are only part of the story….[18]


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