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The Dream Corridor is a space in the Dreamscape which exists between dreaming beings.

Appearance and Description[]

Dream Corridor Copy

Jake and Rose standing in The Dream Corridor

The Dream Corridor, as the name suggests, is a large corridor that seems to infinitely expand in several directions. The walls are lined with doors that have the name of every person on a plaque. The hall has a very neutral color which are hues of gray.

The Dream Corridor allows everyone's dreams to co-exist on the same plane and realm by connecting them together. If one were to enter the corridor, they would have access to anyone's dreams just by opening the door with the person's name on it. One can even visit their own dream if they enter their own door.

Trixie's Dream Door

Trixie's Dream Door

If inside a person's dream, one may interact with objects or people present in the dream, including the dreamer. Likewise, any people in the dream may interact with those who enter the dream.

If an item is being held or in the possession of the person at the time of waking, the item will also appear in the waking world.


While exploring the Dreamscape, a Chimera was accidentally released into the Dream Corridor when Jake forgot to close the door to Rotwood's dream, which was where the Chimera had been previously residing.

Chimera's Escape

The Chimera's escape from Rotwood's dream.

After the Chimera began to roam the Dream Corridor, it had access to everyone's dreams. Thus, it began to cause havoc by terrorizing the dreams of people and making them irritable and tired once they woke up.

Once the Chimera was caught and sent back into Rotwood's dream, the dreams of people were once again peaceful.