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Elves are magical creatures closely related to humans. The two look so much alike that it permits elves to easily join crowds of humans without revealing their true identity.


Common Elves[]

Common Elves look exactly like humans, except for their pointed ears. Even then, the difference is so small that most humans will not even realize that they are talking to a non-human creature. Most Elves are redheads. Also, Common Elves have the reputation of being very hard workers and generally positive creatures.

Blue Elves[]

Blue Elf

There is a blue unnamed elf-like humanoid which has been seen although it is currently unknown if it was actually an elf. Aside from blue skin and hair, she strikes a close resemblance to the Common Elf. She worked as an organization manager for two events prepared by the wizard Eli Pandarus, taking care of musical numbers presented at Pandarus' reception at the Pandarus Towers, and supervising all of the contestants for the Miss Magical World beauty pageant.

Pigmy Elves[]


Another strain of Elves have been seen. Smaller creatures, they typically wear little green outfits, pointy red hats and striped stockings. They also appear to have two fangs sticking out of their mouth. Although unclear, this line of elves may be closer related to the Brownie species, appearing much like the stereotypical Santa Claus elf.

Nomadic Elves[]

The Nomadic Elves are an ancient race of elven creatures which lived more than two million years ago. Their existence was mentioned by Lao Shi[1], and are apparently the ones who created the Taranushi Chalice which holds a Djinn captive, although Lao Shi immediately pointed out that Goblins are the true creators of the chalice, not Elves. They are thought to be extinct since they lived thousands of years ago and have not been recently seen.

Life in the Magical World[]

Inga Sven Susan

Sven and Inga at work

Due to their close physical characteristics with humans, Elves live both in the magic and human realms. As such, they can live their lives however they want to. They can have jobs and attend school in both worlds without fear of discrimination.

Elves do not possess any magical powers except for the ability to move objects by making them float. When under heavy stress, Elves may lose control over the items they are trying to move.

Three elven individuals, Inga, Sven, and Uta, work with Susan Long's very proper and successful catering team.


  • The term "elf" in Old English means "midget".
  • A Common Elf works as a waitress for the wizard Eli Pandarus[2]. In reality, she is working undercover for Fu Dog.
  • It is mentioned that some Elves work for the New Elven Research in Development (or N.E.R.D.) organization, which specializes in creating new magical objects[3].