American Dragon Jake Long

Eugene[1] is one of the kids who Jake is in charge of at Camp Mugwormp. Along with the rest of the kids in his cabin, Eugene is a reject who is "afraid of everything". Initially, he lacks any ability to participate in sports, but after Jake's training, he excels in running and water skiing. He sprains his ankle during practice, but Jake refuses to back down because he wanted to win the Mugwormp cup. Eugene and the rest of cabin nine put up a good match against cabin six, the cabin led by Brad. When Eugene is about to run on his sprained ankle, Jake remembers how he had previously sprained his own ankle during childhoos and pulls him out of the race. Eugene and the rest of the cabin are seen at the end of the episode rowing a canoe to fish out Jake, Trixie, Spud and cabin six from the lake.

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