American Dragon Jake Long
Fred Nerk
Dragon Summit (13)
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 13/14
Date of Birth: 1991
Hair and Eye Color: Orange, Black
Employment: Student
Australian Dragon
Friends: Jake Long
Luong Lao Shi
Fu Dog
Production Info
Portrayed by: Adam Wylie[1][2]
First Appearance: Dragon Summit

Fred Nerk[3][4] is the Australian Dragon.


Fred is the Australian Dragon. He first met Jake on Draco Island during the upcoming competition[5]. He initially did not like Jake because he was the first "American" Dragon, thus making him the new Dragon in the order (a title Fred once held). As such, the two waged a prank war and continuously made fools of each other in public. When it came time for Jake's final test, the Test of Courage in Flight, he chose Fred as his racing opponent (even though he was apparently very good at it). The two were neck and neck in the race, before Jake got an advantage when suddenly, the Dark Dragon made his move. Although his intention was to get Jake, he instead caught Fred and used him as bait. Jake flew in after him, as Fred warned him it was trap. Jake fought the Dark Dragon's minions and freed Fred after he was found, chained to a wall. While Jake stayed behind to battle the Dark Dragon, he told Fred to escape and the latter did so but soon returned to help Jake by distracting the Dark Dragon. The two dragons narrowly managed to escape the villain, but Fred ended up winning the competition anyway.

However, he did willingly admit to the council and everyone that Jake had him beat but had chosen to come back and save him. By doing this, Jake passed his tests due to coming back to aid his fellow dragons rather than seeking glory.

Fred ultimately thanked Jake for his rescue but declared a rematch for the next Dragon Summit, to which Jake gladly accepted. Despite leaving on friendly terms, the two still played pranks on one another, showing a bit of the rivalry still exists.

Dragon Anatomy[]

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His dragon form resembles a leafy sea dragon. He has orange horns on his head and orange stripes all over his body and tail. His claws are also orange. The mane on his back is orange, and the mane on his tail is yellow. Unlike most dragons, his wings resemble a large tuft of hair or fur instead of leather wings, but the same bone structure can be seen by looking at the shape of the curves of his wings. The entirety of the fur of his wings matches the orange of his horns and stripes. At the fold of his wing, he has a spike of fur.

Episode Appearances[]

Season One[]


  • Fred Nerk was created by Jeff Goode. He is described as "an affable bloke; plays rugby; likes to travel; not especially concerned about dragoning ("The bloody place pretty much takes care of itself.")"[6]
  • His dragon form's design was based on Sea Dragons, which are native to the waters of Australia.[7]
  • The crew members once talked about making him an aboriginal but the idea was scrapped for an unknown reason. It was hinted that Disney is cautious of making antagonist characters of color.[8]
  • Unlike other dragons, Fred's dragon form is not the same color as his clothes.
  • Fred's dragon form resembles a large yellow dragon.
  • When Fred is in his dragon form, he breathes blue fire, which is the same color as the ocean that surrounds Australia.


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