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Fu Dog
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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 600 Years Old
Hair and Eye Color: Grey
Created By: Jeff Goode
Species: Dog
Employment: Magical Guardian
Father: Unnamed Father
Grandparents: 1392 Year Old Grandma

Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Great-grandfather

Friends: Jake Long

Haley Long
Luong Lao Shi
Susan Long
Jonathan Long
Arthur Spudinski
Trixie Carter

Nemesis: Yan Yan

Councilor Chang
Bananas B
Dark Dragon

Production Info
Portrayed by: John DiMaggio
First Appearance: Old School Training
Last Appearance: The Hong Kong Longs

Fu Dog[1][2] is a Chinese Shar Pei and a magical animal guardian to Jake and his grandfather Lao Shi.

About Fu Dog[]

Background History/Info[]

Hong Kong Nights (30)

Fu Dog as he appears in season one

Untitled 36

Fu Dog as he appears in season two

Fu Dog is Jake and Lao Shi's animal guardian. Residing with Lao regularly, he frequently assists him with his training in Jake and with providing information on various magical creatures and items, and also creating various magical potions for their use. Like many magical creatures, Fu is able to walk upright, and has no trouble using his front paws as hands, despite the apparent absence of opposable thumbs. Despite his age, he frequently keeps up-to-date with current trends and events that will occasionally put him at odds with Lao Shi.

Being over 600 years old, there's been a lot to Fu Dog's overall past. The most prolific of Fu Dog's past was shown in one episode[3], where it was revealed that he had been feuding with a feline named Yan Yan for hundreds of years, all for the possession of a "lucky coin" (which Fu claims was his dad's, and his dad's dad's, and his dad's dad's dad's). They've fought in many different periods of history, each time the coin ending up in the hands (or in this case, paws) of the other. In a comical twist, it's also seen that Fu's various encounters with Yan Yan have caused various structural damages on modern landmarks (breaking the Sphinx's nose off, tilting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and sinking the Titanic. Their feud continues to the present day.

More recent parts of Fu Dog's history were shown in another episode[4], where it was revealed that he was a womanizing thief who was frequently stealing jewelry and other valuables from ladies within popular nightclubs in Hong Kong during the 1970s era. One instance of these crimes was what caused him to meet up with the Chinese Dragon, Lao Shi. He soon joined up with him after proving his worth (helping Lao win a dance contest to obtain information on the whereabouts of the Dark Dragon) and became his animal guardian and partner. His partnership with Lao has lasted to the present day.

Even though he is a Shar Pei he speaks Brooklyn English. Sometimes he forgets he's a dog and speaks, making people freak out. However, in other situations, it is seen a part of an ongoing show, such as when he helps Jake get the demons into the box vault[5], or when Haley has to explain that he is barking in Chinese[3]. He also has trouble speaking to other dogs, resulting in him saying, "My pants taste like salami." He denotes that he is rusty.

Fu may be a Chinese dog, but he has been everywhere and he likes all kinds of food, except vegetables when he was supposed to be on a diet. In fact, Haley convinces him to be her dog in the class "Show-and-Tell" by promising him sloppy joes (with 3:1 meat to bean ratio[3]).

Fu once lost his animal guardian license and while he waits to renew it, he is replaced as Jake's animal guardian by a talking monkey named Bananas B[3]. Jake starts to enjoy having Bananas B around more than Fu and starts to ignore him, and due to Bananas B deliberately setting Jake's phone to ignore to sabotage his chances of successfully passing his exam, he forgets to come and help him take his Animal Guardian test. Fu loses his license for a year, causing him to realize that he hadn't been there for Jake when he needed it. After Jake gets kidnapped by Chang when Bananas B turns on him, Fu rushes to his rescue after learning what happened from Spud and Trixie. Fu arrives just in time and drives off Chang and Bananas B with one of his potions and releases Jake saying that whether or not he's Jake's animal guardian Jake's his best buddy and he's not sure what he'd do if anything ever happened to him touching Jake with his loyalty. Later thanks to Jake, he regains his Animal Guardian license and becomes Jake's Animal Guardian again.

Fu reveals himself as a talking dog to Jonathan Long after the truth about Jake's family is revealed to him and answers Jonathan's questions as they rush to help Jake[6]. He fights in the final battle with the Dark Dragon, drives off Bananas B (something he clearly enjoys doing), and fights the Shade Demons.


Fu is extremely loyal to Jake and cares a great deal about him. When he lost his Animal Guardian license and was replaced by a helper monkey[3], he still was concerned about Jake's well-being and after Spud and Trixie tell him that Jake's in trouble and needs his help, he saves Jake from being killed by Chang by using one of his potions to drive her and Bananas B off, admitting that Jake's his best friend and he wasn't sure what he'd do if something happened to him. He has been shown to be a womanizer at times as demonstrated[7], but learns his lesson in the end, kind of.

Fu Dog also has bad manners, which are easily seen because he likes to eat very much, causing him to burp often. His opening line when he answers his cell phone is: "Talk to the Fu."

Talents, Interests, and Skills[]

  • Potion Creation/Making: Fu Dog's most prominent skill is his adept techniques in potion-making. His various creations have served to help Jake in various different aspects of his duties. Some of Fu Dog's featured products include: Fu Dog's most prominent skill is his adept techniques in potion-making. His various creations have served to help Jake in various different aspects of his duties. Some of Fu Dog's featured products include:
    • Transformation Potion (Unlocks a Dragon's shapeshifting abilities to turn into anyone, not just a dragon)[8]
    • Power-Draining Potion[9]
    • Mind-Erase Potion[10]
    • Fu's "Bag o' Gags" (Various magical prank items)[11]
    • Dragon Spell (Enchantment that grants dragon powers)[12]
    • Instant Sunshine[12]
    • Portal Spell[13]
    • Positive/Negative Chi Amplifier[14]
    • Magical Snare[15]
    • Magical Air Capsules[16]
    • Solar Sand[17]
    • Freezing Potion[18]
  • Intelligence: He also has a rather extensive (though sometimes limited) knowledge of magical items and creatures, as well as some advanced technology (such as helping to design a teleportation interceptor[19]).
  • Decelerated Aging/Semi-Immortality: It is unknown if Fu Dog can survive from aging, but it seems he ages slowly as he stated he's 600 years old[3].
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Fu Dog also knows Hand-to-Hand Combat when fighting villains. He demonstrated this when he fought his archenemy Yan Yan and fought her on multiple occasions in the past.

Episode Appearances[]


  • In the Season One intro, Fu plays the guitar in Jake's imaginary band.
  • Fu's granny is 1392 years old.
  • The character Monroe in the animated series The Life and Times of Juniper Lee resembles Fu Dog.
    • Both are a few centuries old, can speak English perfectly, and are magical guardians.
  • Fu Dog is not the only dog character John DiMaggio has voiced. Currently, he voices Jake the Dog on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time, who coincidentally is also a bulldog with magic powers, and Niblet on The Hub's Pound Puppies.
  • In the first season, Fu dog mostly walked on his hind legs while in the second season, he mostly walked on all fours.


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