American Dragon Jake Long
Fu Dog Takes a Walk
S1E4 - Ogelvy chasing Fu
Season: 1
Production code: 104
Story by:
Scott Shaw
Written by:
Jeff Goode
Directed by:
Christian Roman
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
February 18, 2005
Paired with
Adventures in Troll Sitting
DVD Releases:
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"Fu Dog Takes a Walk" is the seventh episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.



While Jake and Grandpa were training, Fu Dog got a letter about tickets to the game. Grandpa said he could go but could not attract attention to himself. So Fu "walks himself" but a dog catcher decided to catch him. However she missed the first on the first try, and when she tried again accidentally got an old lady in the net, who then began hitting her. Fu Dog attempted to hide in the train station where the dog catcher could not follow for not having a ticket.

In the shop Grandpa declared Fu Dog was in trouble. To which Jake wondered if he learned that through meditation, but Grandpa replied, "No. It's been an hour since last he was in trouble, and I figure that he's about due."

In the train station the dog catcher managed to catch Fu Dog, taking him to an abandoned factory where she was trying to turn him into a cure for her allergies. Jake and Grandpa arrived just in time and just after Fu Dog said, "I could use a dragon by now." Jake crashes into the machine, causing Fu Dog to fall and prompting him to say, "I take it back! I don't want a dragon!". Jake catches him in his tail and holds him in his coils. Jake asks Fu on what he wants to do about his kidnapper and he recommends they emulsify the Pound Lady, who gives them the sad dog eyes. Fu says the Pound Lady could stay there, and he just wants to get to the game. Fu Dog takes the other captured dogs to find new homes with magical creatures and keeps the dog that saved him.


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