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Gargoyles are stony creatures that build their nests on the ledges of tall buildings. Because of this, they are often mistaken for stone statues.

Physical Appearance[]

Female Gargoyle

Gargoyles early on looked mostly like Dragons, albeit smaller and definitely less menacing. They have large snouts, long and pointy ears, and large hands and feet. Most of them have a crooked stature, their spine showing through their stone skin.

A bit later on, however, Gargoyles undergo a slight redesign. They now have two horns on top of their heads and a pair of wings. They are also more humanoid, having human-like body proportions.

Female Gargoyles are often seen wearing dresses and shoes unlike their male counterparts that constantly remain nude.

Magical Powers[]

Gargoyles in general are able to camouflage into their surroundings by staying still for long periods of time. Some can fly, but those that cannot are possibly very good climbers (based on the fact that they live on rooftops). Although a Gargoyle was never heard speaking, it is presumed that they are capable of speech since some of them are seen participating in social events.

Because Gargoyles never take on a large role in the series, not much is known about their magical abilities.

Life in the Magical World[]

All Gargoyles live on the roof of very tall buildings, such as the Empire State Building and the gardens of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine on 112th Street in New York City.

At first, Gargoyles seemed not to partake in many activities, preferring to remain alone on their rooftops. Some have been shown (albeit rarely) to participate in certain events, such as a beauty pageant [1], a Halloween party [2], and even a dance party [3] They can be quite mischievous in nature, especially in regards to food: one is seen snapping at a sandwich of a clueless construction worker when the man isn't looking.

Gargoyles of Pantheon

An artistic depiction of the Gargoyles of Pantheon

The Gargoyles of Pantheon, unlike all the others, are inanimate. Perched on top of the Pantheon Building, they hold the name of the "Gargoyles of Pantheon". They are a key element to the Huntsclan plan of ruling over the world: if 13 crystal skulls are placed in their mouths, the one who did so will be able to have one wish granted.


  • The term "gargoyle" is derived from its French counterpart, "gargouille", which means "throat" or "gullet". This is a reference to the fact that stone gargoyles are used to convey rainwater off the roof of buildings;
  • A pair of Gargoyles appear briefly in the Season 1 intro;
  • Iris (a Cyclops) whines that a Gargoyle is wearing the same dress as hers;
  • the Gargoyles of Pantheon were destroyed along with the crystal skulls.




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