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The evil Ghost Shackles Jack

Ghosts are extremely rare magical creatures which mainly appear under very specific conditions, such as the alignment of the planets. They are the spirits of people who have passed away.

Physical Appearance[]


The Ghost lady

At first, the only ghost seen has quite a peculiar look. It lives inside a magical mirror put up outside Eli Pandarus' vault in the basement of the Pandarus Tower. It serves as a security device and will only appear when one tries to enter the vault. The ghost itself is a woman dressed in a gown. She doesn't have a face, but instead a skull replaces her head. Oddly enough, she still has her hair tied into a bunion over her skull. He entire body glows a bright blue.

Later on, ghosts remain relatively the same in the sense that they look like their old human selves, but with cadaveric characteristics. They will most often wear the clothes they wore when they died, although they will be badly torn and usually in tatters. Certain ghosts will even keep certain items associated with their death, like a ball with chains or a pair of shackles. They glow a greyish color and have dulled colors.

Magical Powers[]

Ghosts in general have the ability to fly. When stationary, they will always float a few inches above the ground. Ghosts are not naturally invisible, but can disappear at will. They can make physical contact with people and objects, but only magical creatures (such as Dragons) can touch them. Non-magical beings will only phase through if they try to have a physical contact. Ghosts can also phase through objects on their own accord.

Soul Transfer Ritual[]

There were ghosts featured that attempted to regain physical bodies through a mysterious ritual. The spell mainly consists of having their ghostly souls transferred into new bodies with the Mugwomp Cup as the vessel. They do this by kidnapping the team that won the cup and hide them away. They then mix some ingredients inside the cup, which will then suck them in. At sunrise, their bodies will immediately be transferred to their new hosts. If the cup is sealed before the ghosts can be released, they will remain trapped inside for eternity.

This ritual is only spoken of once, and as such is presumed to only work for Shackles Jack and his gang. However, other methods of soul transfer may exist for other ghosts.


  • In mythology and folklore in general, many types of ghosts exist, including poltergeists, banshees, phantoms, and many others.
  • In "A Ghost Story", the Mugwomp Cup is revealed to be the very same cup that used to sit on the desk of the warden responsible of Shackles Jack and his gang when they were inmates at a prison camp in 1864.
  • Shackles Jack's band of ghosts consists of five other members:
  • It is unknown what kind of ingredients are needed for the Soul Transfer Ritual, except for the last one: a stalk of laurel.