American Dragon Jake Long

Season 1

Giants are magical creatures that look exactly like humans, only bigger.

Physical Appearance[]


Season 2

At first, Giants seem to have the exact same characteristics as regular humans, except for their height. Kids can stand up to twice an adult human's size while grown-up Giants can be at least three to five times taller. They are seen wearing modern clothes such as overalls, shirts and pants. Some Giants can also go barefoot.

Later on Giants, perhaps of different tribes have differing appearances. Their skin ranges from greyish to greenish, and their shapes are sharper and edgier. They have more muscles, including females, pointy ears, and usually wear tunics with matching pants, a leather belt, and arm bracers.

Life in the Magical World[]

Giants usually live in small communities in secluded areas, such as caves and forests. They rarely wonder far from their home and are wary of outsiders. Giants are peaceful by nature and would never hurt anyone on purpose. Ironically, they possess superhuman strength. They also seem to be in good terms with other magical creatures, although they are often considered not very smart.

Known Giants[]

Hobbie closeup

Although many Giants exist, Jake met only a few.

The first there was Hobie and his parents, an eight-year-old Giant who aspired to become a wrestling champion[1]. He ran away from home in order to fulfill his dream, and managed to attain the top wrestling spot in a short time. However after a series of events, Hobie had to save his parents who were captured by his wrestling manager. He then put his career aside and remained home.

Bertha closeup

The second one is Bertha, a simple female Giant that first appeared [2] as a beauty pageant contestant. She was later captured by the Huntsclan along with other magical creatures for a hunting contest[3]. She helped Jake and her other companions escape the Huntsman thanks to her extremely smelly feet.

Jake met another giant who looked a bit like Bertha later[4].

Magical Abilities[]

The Giants' most important ability is their strength. Thanks to their enormous size they can lift well over 20 tons[citation needed] with ease and can stomp little people or magical creatures. It is also worth noting most giants are not very smart. For example, Bertha is not that smart.


  • Instead of coins, at least one tribe of Giants have a currency based on fish;
  • In "Ring Around the Dragon", a Giant named Grinter Axgrind is CEO of a company called Giantastic Toys which sells a line of Petunia dolls.
  • They're interested in Leprechaun gold.


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