American Dragon Jake Long
Giant Beetle

The Giant Insects are unnamed magical bugs. They are slightly bigger than an average-sized teenager and are quite vicious.

Physical Appearance[]

The Giant Insects are very similar to the human realm beetles in their basic anatomy, but they do have a more monstrous outer look. They have a large abdomen and a pair of small wings on top of their back. They also have six clawed legs and a monstrous head that splits into two horns on their forehead. Their three pairs of eyes glow a bright red in the dark. They have sharp fangs lining over their lower jaw and a long, fat, slithering tongue. Their entire body is pigmented with different shades of brown.

Life in the Magical World[]

Giant Beetle Onion

A Giant Beetle after sniffing an onion

Giant Insects are very notorious creatures that usually live in groups. When someone trespasses their territory, they will not hesitate to attack the intruders on sight. They can use their long tongues as whips and shriek loudly to intimidate their prey. Because of their aggressive nature, Giant Insects are often used to guard valuable items.

Although they may look strong, Giant Insects are actually quite vulnerable to physical attacks; Jake manages to defeat them in one hit. If they are tipped over, they will most likely be unable to get back on their feet.


  • In "The Rotwood Files", Sigmund Brock plants a total of six Giant Insects in the school's basement as well as his office to lure out the American Dragon;
  • Giant Insects are vulnerable to onions (they make them cry like babies).