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Gnomes are common magical creatures that are no taller than a child[1][2].

Gnomes are often mistaken for Pygmy Elves.

Physical Appearance[]

Gnomes are extremely short and often stout humanoid creatures. Most of them grow a white beard and always have a red, pointy hat on top of their head. They mostly wear tunics with leather belts, pants and shoes.

Life in the Magical World[]

Gnomes are similar to Dwarves in many respects, but they spend a lot more time outdoors. Gnomes love gardening and have been known to tend not only their own gardens, but those of their neighbors as well regardless if they were asked to or not. Most Gnomes live in rural settings, where they run organic farms or free-range chicken ranches.

However, the size of New York does have its share of urban Gnomes. They are hard-working folk and many of them own their own businesses. Green grocers, woodworkers, leather craft, toy makers are typical Gnome occupations.


  • In folklore, Gnomes are often considered as earth-dwellers, creatures living underground;
  • Gnomes are the inspiration for garden gnome statues;
  • Gnomes always wear a tall hat because that's where they store all of their belongings;
  • In the series, over 75% of all organic produce in the United States comes from Gnome farms;
  • A Gnome named Mister Krunkers works at the Department of Magical Creatures as a surrogate guardee.