American Dragon Jake Long
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 13-14
Date of Birth: 1992-1993
Hair and Eye Color: Black
Nickname: Greggy
Occupation: Student
Dragon of America
Created By: Jeff Goode
Brothers: Andrew
Mother: Aunt Cathy
Father: unnamed father
Uncles: Jonathan Long
Aunts: Susan Long
Cousins: Jake Long
Haley Long unnamed cousin
Production Info
Portrayed by: Will Friedle
First Appearance: Feeding Frenzy
Last Appearance: Feeding Frenzy

Gregory, or "Greggy"[1][2], is one of Jake's cousins on his mother's side.


Gregory is also a dragon-in-training, seen during a family reunion on his mother's private island in the Florida Keys.


Gregory is an arrogant teenager who is very naive and self-centered believing that everything he does is correct. His ego is more puffed up by most of the adults (except Susan) thinking everything he does is great. He believes that he is a better dragon than Jake even though he just received his powers. He has selective hearing and oblivious to people's and creature's needs. He isn't above using technicalities to win competitions as he points out that Jake did 13 laps instead of said 1 when they were competing to see who is the best dragon.

Gregory may be spoiled but he knows when he is wrong and apologizes for it (seen when he apologizes for acting spoiled after Jake points out when everyone at the reunion was acting like little kids).

Dragon Anatomy[]

Gregory's dragon form resembles a young jungle green dragon. He has brown stripes over the back of his body and his tail. His mane is a darker green than his scales and he has stiff black hair. His underbelly is a slightly lighter green compared to his scales. His wings are similar to most dragons, having an arm-and-fingers bone structure, except his wings are angular rather than curved. The wing's skeleton is also less visible compared to Jake's wings. The outside of his wings are a darker green than his scales. The inside of his wings are the same color as the outside of his wings, but the tip of the inside of his wings match his scales.

Powers and Abilities[]

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Gregory possesses all of the standard powers of a dragon, however as he has only just gained his dragon form he is very weak in all of their uses.


  • Gregory has the same voice of Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible (Will Friedle).
  • Gregory's nickname is Greggy.
  • Gregory's dragon form resembles a young jungle green dragon.
  • Although a year younger than Jake, Gregory treats Jake like a baby.