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Haley Kay Long[1][2] is Jake's intelligent, goody-two-shoes eight-year-old little sister. She, and many others, think she is cute. 


Legend of the Dragon Tooth (17)

Haley as she appears in season one

American Dragon Jake Long Season 2 Haley Long

Haley as she appears in season two

Like Jake, Haley also has dragon powers. A prodigy in everything else, her dragon heritage, while not yet fully developed, start to express themselves at a much earlier age than Jake's did. Part of that may be due to dragon girls developing their powers earlier than boys, as her mother Susan Long, explained.

Haley takes pride in exposing Jake's mischievous behavior to their parents, as well as showing off her own "superior" talents. At first only able to express isolated parts of her dragon form, such as her claws, snout, wings or tail. after about a year she was already able to perform a full body morph into her adolescent dragon form, prompting her to begin her own dragon training under Sun Park's guidance as the reserve or substitute American Dragon should Jake be unable to fully perform his duties. Haley took many aspects of her training with Sun Park and applied them in her daily life, which put her at odds when compared with average and normal human kids her age.

Haley also takes delight in making her brother look less than competent as a dragon. However, like most troublesome siblings, she actually has a deep-rooted respect for Jake, and when she was required to step up and take on the duties of Substitute American Dragon for a week, she fully realized exactly what all her brother had to deal with on a daily basis. After nearly having her "perfect" school performance levels drop drastically and nearly suffering a breakdown, if a rare case of openly supporting her brother, Haley openly admitted that Jake had been for his age doing a far better job balancing his human life against his magical duties than she was able to do, and that the adults needed to "step off" and allow him the chance to occasionally be a teenage boy.

Just before that, Haley had been so concerned with being a Good Girl that she has never intentionally gotten into trouble or broke rules; that doing something bad was against her nature. Something she did one day by completely breaking character to live a day as a Bad Girl, and in reaping the consequences learned the value of balancing fun with her ridged life.

She was present when Rose betrayed Jake before, in turn, destroying the Huntsclan. She also took part in the final battle against the Dark Dragon in Hong Kong, when her father learned the truth about his dragon daughter and family. Showing how far she had grown in just two years, Haley was able to to be happy for her older brother, cheering when he was reunited with Rose in the aftermath of banishing the Dark Dragon through a magical portal which would not open again for a thousand years.

Dragon Heritage[]

Haley possesses all the abilities of a young dragon her age. Like Jake, they have yet to reach their full potential. Instead of going into a situation without a strategy she always thinks of a plan needing little to no violence. She also always manipulates her enemies into giving up. Although she was not as strong as Jake or older dragons she was way faster.

Episode Appearances[]


Haley is shown to be a child prodigy as she is able to perform exceptionally well for her academic subjects.

In the show's second season, it's mentioned that she goes to a school for gifted children.


  • In the Season One intro, Haley plays the tambourine in Jake's imaginary band.
  • She was named after Haley's Comet because her mother said that she loved the name "Haley" while still dating Jonathan[3].
  • Concept sketches show that Haley was originally going to be named Brittany[citation needed].
  • She somehow knows who Chang is in Season Two, despite not meeting Chang in Season One.
    • Not a surprise, she was being trained by Sun Park to be the Substitute American Dragon, so surely her studies explained who former Councilor Chang was.
  • In Season One, Haley is suggested to be a purple dragon, as she transforms certain parts of her body, which were purple and draconian, but never entirely became a dragon. In Season Two, her full body form was shown to be a pink dragon.
    • It is unknown if Haley could fully transform early on. It may have been she was not physically mature enough, or her mother and or grandfather told her not to do so at the house. The latter is supported by Mrs. Long scolding her for changing her hands to claws to chop vegetables.
    • In one episode[4], Haley changes completely for the first and last time during Season One. This time we see that she has a long dragon neck, lighter purple underbelly and darker purple spikes on her back as Jake has.
  • She was later named after Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade, due to executive producer, Eddie Guzelian, being a big fan of the rapper.[5]
  • As Brittany, she would be five years old and without dragon powers. She would simply have the traditional child-like ability to see into the magical world.[6]
  • She also had a kitten named "Señor Gato".[6]


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