American Dragon Jake Long
Hans Rotwood
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 40s
Date of Birth: June 1960
Hair and Eye Color: Brown and Black
Alias: Professor Rotwood (formerly)
Principal Rootwood
Employment: Teacher (formerly)
Mythological believer
Students: Jake Long (formerly)
Arthur Spudinski (formerly)
Trixie Carter (formerly)
Brad Morton (formerly)
Production Info
Portrayed by: Paul Rugg
First Appearance: Old School Training
Last Appearance: Being Human

Professor/Principal Hans Rotwood[1][2] was a teacher, then principal, at Millard Fillmore Middle School, which Jake Long attends.


Rotwood had a notable dislike of Jake, initially due to Jake's lack of respect. Rotwood eventually develops a suspicion of Jake and keeps a close eye on him. Following an event with his old instructor, Rotwood revealed that he always knew Jake was a dragon and promised to expose his secret in order to prove he was right about magical creatures and get back his standing in the scientific community. Despite this promise, he told Jake he would patiently wait for his chance since he knew Jake was dragon.

Despite his fascination of magical creatures, he disregarded the evidence Jake brought him and tore up the pictures that he was given. However, when Jake was captured in dragon form, he realized his theories were wrong when Jake shot fire at him, not long after he called dragons shooting fire a myth. Much later, he restored the pictures.


He used to be a respected professor until his theories on magical creatures humiliated him in front of his peers; destroyed his career as a scientific researcher; got him fired from his job at Hoboken Science Institute; finally reducing him to teaching at Millard Fillmore Middle School. As a believer of magical creatures, he teaches a class on them, but due to completely incorrect facts, Jake is always confused and has low grades in the class.

After the departure of Principal Dolores Derceto, Rotwood became Principal of Millard Fillmore Middle School in her place. He then worked to trick Jake into revealing himself as a dragon to him. He finally succeeded after a campaign to make Jake reveal his dragon form by humiliating him at school. While he finally gained personal proof, he was unable to obtain anything concrete enough to show others.

However, in a brief truce, Jake gave him a personal look at the magical world by taking Rotwood to the Magus Bazaar where he was thoroughly delighted[3].

Although wishing to be famous for proving the existence of magical creatures, Rotwood appears to have a true affinity for them. During a trip inside Rotwood's dreams and memories, it is suggested he encountered a chimera as a baby, which may have been what started his life's interest in the magical world[4]. At Jake's graduation, the two seem to have put their differences aside as they shook hands.[5]

Talents, Interests and Abilities[]

Rotwood may seem like an incompetent teacher or magic hunter but this belays his potential as he was able to build inventions one of which successfully detained Jake in his dragon form.

  • Skilled Liar- He is a master of deception as he fooled his old instructor into thinking the dragon was Arthur Spudinski. He also shook Jake's hands only to reveal he had a last drop of the potion that will reveal a dragon's true form.
  • Master Observer- During a talk with Jake, he reveals that he had always (correctly) suspected Jake of being the dragon, meaning he kept note of Jake's behavior in his time as his student. His deduction shocked Jake, Trixie and Spud who couldn't believe Rotwood knew the whole time about Jake's secret.


  • Rotwood: (To Jake) Unicorns. Oh, look a Pixie. Trolls! Leprechauns! Oh this is the best birthday present anyone has ever given me. I can't stand it (goes to a Troll) You are all so fascinating.
  • Troll: (pushes Rotwood) Get away from me!
  • Rotwood: (goes to a Wood Nymph) I am a lifelong fan.
  • Wood Nymph: (yells at Rotwood) Back off! Back off, you!
  • Rotwood: (goes to a Hag) Breath taking.
  • Hag: (slaps Rotwood) STOP touching me!


  • As of Season 2, Rotwood is revealed to be 47 years old[3].
  • He is a German[6].
  • He is one of the few people outside of Jake's friends and family to know Jake's secret.
  • He is similar to Denzel Crocker from Fairly Oddparents.

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