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Herbert[1][2] is a Goblin who has a lizard-like tail, purple hair, has a keen sense of smell and is seen twice.[3][4]. He is voiced by John DiMaggio[5].


Herbert is a Goblin with a lizard-like tail, purple hair, and a keen sense of smell. He has an Ogre with horns and caught Fu. Fu Dog was going to pay the dog biscuits back to Herbert, but Fu isn't early, so Herbert got revenge on Fu. Jake turns into the American Dragon and beats up the Horned Ogre. Herbert ended up getting grabbed by Jake and was thrown with his Ogre.[6] Herbert later appears in "Bodyguard Duty". He and his army of goblins kidnapped Sara and Kara. Herbert was defeated by fish dump which is the worst smell to goblins. Herbert kidnaps Sara and Kara, but Herbert ends up crashing into a bunch of Ogres.


  • (An Ogre with horns grabs Fu Dog and Herbert comes out of a yellow tent)
  • Herbert: Hee hee hee. Well, well, well. You got a lot of nerve showing your Face around here.
  • Fu Dog: Herbert, come on. I was going to pay you back those dog bisscut. Seriously. I just need a little more time. Come on you guys be resonable.
  • Jake: (to Herbert and the Ogre and turns into the American Dragon) Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

(Horned Ogre drops Fu)

  • Horned Ogre: Errr. (Jakes tail taps the Ogre's shoulder) Huh? (Throws the Ogre and destroys a kart)
  • Herbert: Woah! (Jake grabs Herbert and throws him) Wahhhhh!

(The Yellow roof falls on Herbert and the Horned Ogre)

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