American Dragon Jake Long
High Risk Rescue

High Risk Rescue is an online game.


The three Gorgon Sisters, Fury, Euryale, and Medusa have escaped their stone prison. They captured Trixie and Spud and only Jake can rescue them. Unfortunately, the Huntsclan also came to fight, making it harder to get Trixie and Spud back.

Boss Battle[]

  • You must let Fury hit the anttena so the spider net can fall on her.
  • You can't hit her because if you do, she will cackle and she's doing that because she's immortal.
  • Euryale and Medusa will be on the final boss stage.
  • Fury will turn to stone in the final boss area after one attena is hit twice and the other one will be hit once.

Huntsclan ambush[]

  • Huntsboys 88 & 89 will throw green nets at you if you are in dragon form, so try to burn their nets using fire blast or hit them as quick as you can; they will not throw them at you in human form.
  • Huntsman will kick and shoot green energy at you. He will take three hits and will be stunned, but you have to be careful because he will not be stunned for long and may get back up and attack..


  • Use the arrow keys to move Jake
  • Press the space bar to transform him into the American Dragon
  • Press the "B" button to do a "karate kick" in human form and tail whip in dragon form
  • Press the "N" button to activate switches and buttons
  • If you press the "N" button next to an iron crate with a picture of Jake on it, you can push it when you use the left or right arrow keys
  • While in dragon form, press the "N" button to breath fire at nets and buttons


  • Bottle of water: gives you 50% to fill up your energy if you get too much damage
  • Special apple: gives you a lot of boost to your dragon power if you eat it
  • Extra lives: collect it if you lose one
  • Yellow coin: gives you 500 points if you collect them