American Dragon Jake Long
Hobie's Parents
Hobie's Parents
Character Statistics
Gender: Male and Female
Family: Hobie (son)
Species: Giant
Friends: Jake Long
Fu Dog
Lao Shi
Trixie Carter
Arthur Spudinski
Nemesis: King Hammer
Production Info
First Appearance: Ring Around the Dragon
Last Appearance: Ring Around the Dragon

Hobie's Parents are a married couple of Giants and the parents of Hobie.


When their son Hobie runs away from home to become a pro-wrestler in the King Extreme Wrestling League (K.E.W.L.) they ask for help of the American Dragon to bring their son home. Than when King Hammer found out that Hobie was a real giant and that he is from a whole village of giants that are much bigger than him, he decided to capture them all and make them his wrestlers. Including Hobie's parents. But Hobie teams up with jake to recuse his parents. After he unchained his parents and the other giants, Hobie tell his parents that he's sorry. They say that it's okay and they were happy to have him back.

Episode Appearances[]

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