American Dragon Jake Long
Jake and Rose in
Rose says goodbye to Jake
Season: Season 2
Production code: 218
Written by:
Matthew Negrete
Directed by:
Steve Loter
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
March 10, 2007
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"Homecoming" is the forty-first episode of American Dragon: Jake Long. It premiered on March 10, 2007, and is the twentieth episode in the second season.


Jake and Rose were nominated for Homecoming King and Queen for their school's upcoming Homecoming dance. An opportunity Jake believed it to be perfect to pursue and further his relationship with Rose. Meanwhile, they also had to work together to stop the Huntsman as he neared the end of his plan to use the crystal skulls to destroy all magical creatures.

At the same time Trixie and Spud had mistakenly kissed inside the "kissy kissy closet" at school. Spud had assumed he was with Stacey, while Trixie thought she was with Kyle Willkens.

Unfortunately the Huntsman found out Rose was cooperating with a dragon, revealing her as a traitor to their Cause. He then forced her to betray Jake on Homecoming night as the Huntsclan had captured the last Aztec Skull.

The Huntsman was then able to take possession of the Skulls Jake had previously captured and attacked the Homecoming Dance, the roof of which being where the Skulls had to be used. The Huntsman learned the American Dragon's true identity as Jake, Haley, Fu Dog, Gramps, Sun Park, Trixie, Spud battled the Huntsclan. Jake was able to shatter the Huntsman's mask, revealing his true face, but subsequently he and his friends were defeated.

As the Huntsman prepared to use the Skulls to destroy all magical creatures, Rose knocked him out at the last moment. She stepped in to make her own wish; calling for the destruction of all Huntsclan instead.

One by one the members of the Huntsclan rose into the night sky and were destroyed. Which included the Huntsman. However, HuntsBoys 88 & 89. seeing what was happening, renounced the HuntsClan and thereby escaped the same fate by having quited at the last minute. Rose too was embraced by the wish and was lifted into the air. When Jake tried to hold her down she explained she was okay as it would be the only way for Jake and magical creatures to be safe from the threat of the Huntsclan.

After she was pulled from Jake's grasp and continued to rise to her destruction as well, he grabbed the main Skull and hastily added his own wish for her to have never been taken by the Huntsclan. Rose disappeard and there was no sign if it had worked or not. He then destroyed the Skulls in anger before flying off.

The next day, Jake met Rose outside the school. Only she had no memory of him. They also were not to have a chance to get to know each other from scratch as she was moving to Hong Kong with her family. However, Jake decided as long as she was alive and happy, he was too.


  • During the credits, 88 and 89 were trying to get a new job, but they failed. And they think getting suck into a vortex would not have been so bad.


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  • Jake: "So... it's true."
  • Rose: (removes her mask) "Jake, I'm sorry."
  • Huntsman: (laughs) So, this is the American Dragon's true human form. Before I wish for you annihilation, any last words?"
  • Jake: "Well, consider the occasion, I have just two:...
  • (the Huntsman glares at him as Jake turns into his dragon form. Lao Shi, Fu, Sun and Hayley arrive to aid him)
  • Jake: ...let's dance. HI-YAH!!
  • (Jake hits the Huntsman with his tail)
  • Huntsman: "AAAAAAAHHHH!!!
  • (he crashes into the elevator with the door smashed. Then, we see that his dragon skull helmet has been destroyed as it falls down in the elevator shaft! The Huntsman gets up with half of his mask ripped on the left side. He pulls down the wires of the damaged elevator to get himself up. He then slams the entire parts of the elevator on the ground. We also get to see part of his birthmark across his face. Jake glares as the enraged Huntsman rips off his mask and half of his shirt, revealing a huge dragon-shaped birthmark across his face to his chest! Not to mention he is bald. Jake and the Huntsman charge as they do a hand-to-hand combat mode. Sun and Hayley chase some members as Trixie and Spud attack 88 and 89)
  • Spud: "Taste fondue, Hunts-freak!" (he pours a bunch of fondue on 89)
  • 89: "AH! AAHH!!"

(Jake tries to get the other Aztec skull, but only for Rose to stop him and take the skull. Then, the rest of the Huntsclan are seen on the gargoyles. Each of them place a skull in each of the mouths. The skulls begin to glow. Jake and Rose are seen circling around with Huntsman waiting)

  • Huntsman: "Huntsgirl, hand me the skull and finish him."
  • (Rose looks around for a while to think about it)
  • Huntsman: "If you ever want to see your parents, you'll do as I say!"
  • (Rose waits for a while as she tosses the skull to the Huntsman and she charges at Jake)
  • Jake: "Your parents? That's why you're doing this!"
  • Rose: "All I wanted was a normal life, but the Huntsclan took that away from me. And now there's only one way this can end, Jake!"

(she launches a long chain as she wraps Jake up and muzzles him. Jake falls as he tries to break free)

  • Rose: "Sorry."

(then, the Huntsclan have pinned down Sun, Hayley and Lao Shi)

  • Lao Shi: "Jake!"

(Fu Dog is thrown by the Huntsclan as he falls on his face. 88 and 89 are seen rolling up Trixie and Spud in the homecoming rug)

  • 89: "Ha! Who's eating fondue now, funny boy?!"
  • Spud: "Trix, incase we don't make it through this, there's something you should know about us.

(he and Trixie look at each other for a while)

  • Trixie: "Friends and nothing more."
  • Spud: "Even tonight, sister."

(Jake is seen trying to break free as the last member puts the other skull in the last gargoyle)

  • Jake: "Please, Rose. Don't do this."

(Rose turns back as she walks towards Huntsman)

  • Huntsman: "Well done, Huntsgirl."

(he raises the last skull up as the glowing skulls line up to the one he's holding)

  • Huntsman: "By the Pantheon of Aztec Skulls: I hear by wish for the destruction of all... AH!!

(Rose has knocked him out with a blast of her staff. She then grabs the skull and raises it up)

  • Rose: "The destruction of all Huntsclan!"

(everyone, including the Huntsclan become shocked and surprised to hear what she just said. A huge light comes out of the skull as it blasts across the city. Then, all of the Huntsclan members' birthmarks, including the Huntsman and Rose, begin to glow. The Huntsclan members are then see being lifted up as they try to get back down, but they are destroyed)

  • 88: "Um... excuse me. FYI, according Huntsclan bylaws, first-year novices are allowed to resign."
  • 89: "Not this has been a rewarding job experience, but affective immediately."
  • Both: "We quit!"

(they thrown down their weapons, the book, and remove their clothes, shoes and socks. They are only remaining in their boxers and still have their masks on)

  • 89: "See ya, Huntsclan, sucking vortex! No more Huntsclan for us, so siree."
  • (he accidentally bumps into 88 as they both fall down the stairs. Rose is seen unwrapping Jake, who turns back to his human form)
  • Jake: "Rose... why did you -"
  • Rose: "I said there was only one way this could end, and this is it. With the destruction of the Huntsclan."
  • Jake: "But you're one of them. That means..."
  • Rose: "I know what it means. But even if you destroy the skulls, they know your human identity, Jake. They find your family like they did mine. This way, they'll be safe. They'll all be safe."
  • (she and Jake turn to see the unconscious Huntsman being lifted up. He is then destroyed, leaving only his cape. Rose is then about to be pulled up to be destroyed)
  • Jake: "But..."
  • Rose: "Thank you, Jake, for everything. I'll never forget you."
  • Jake: "Rose, no!"
  • (he reaches his hand to make sure Rose doesn't get taken)
  • Rose: "Jake, let go. I'll be okay... I promise. I'll be okay."
  • (Jake releases her)
  • Jake: "We have to do something! We have to use the skulls to save her!"
  • Fu: "Sorry, kid, but the skulls need to be destroyed. Their powers are just too dangerous."
  • Lao Shi: "To Use them for your own personal gain..."
  • Jake: "It wouldn't be for my personal gain! It's about hers! She deserves a normal life with a family who cares about her!"
  • (he raises the skull as the others line up)
  • Jake: "I wish Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan!"
  • (a large light comes out as it touches Rose just as she is about to be destroyed. Some scenes from previous episodes are shown with Rose's voice heard. All of the scenes go reverse. The beam spreads across, but Jake does not see Rose, believing her to be destroyed. Enraged, he throws the skull on the floor, destroying the others and the gargoyles' heads)
  • Jake: "Consider them destroyed!"
  • (he turns into his dragon form and flies off with anger. Lao Shi, Fu, Sun, Hayley, Trixie and Spud look with sadness and sorrow)


  • The Huntsman is bald.
  • Pooka Pooka makes a cameo in this episode.
  • Sun Park was originally set to die in this episode, but the scene was cut for being too dark.
  • In this episode when jake flies away he did not say "dragon up".
  • Trixie and Spud go out for the second time. Their first date was in season 1, "Dragon Breath".
    • This also marks the first and only time Trixie and Spud kiss, albeit off-screen.
  • Because Jake was the one who made the wish, along with his friends and family who were present, he remembers Rose.
  • When the video of the Pooka Pooka show comes up, you can hear the Pooka song. But the footage is actually of the villian from the show talking.
  • In season 1, the Huntsman's birthmark is on his hand, like Rose's, but in this episode, it swerves full body from his face to all across his face and torso.
  • Rose's birthmark appears and disappears in the last scene when they met outside the school.
  • After Jake's wish is made at the end of the episode Rose is wearing a blue skirt instead of pink pants.
  • Notably during scenes that showed Rose's parents, her twin is nowhere to be seen and is seldom mentioned. This error carries on in the series finale, "The Hong Kong Longs". However, she briefly appeared as a new born during the flashback sequence after Jake wishes that Rose was never taken by the Huntsclan, as the clip was taken from the episode, "Dreamscape".
  • When Jake knocks Rose down and she drops the books, It is almost exactly like in the first episode when they bumped into each other but they are on opposite sides.


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