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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Major events
Battle of Peak Victoria

Hong Kong is a major human city of China, thought it has some level of autonomy. The city is home to the first Dragon Temple, located on Peak Victoria. This temple appears only every thousand years under a very rare moon eclipse.


The city is not very explored though some locations are given. One of them is the already mentioned Dragon Temple but also some magically hidden locations exist. One of these locations is a bar of magical creatures that can only be entered by literally passing through a wall.

Another is the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center which served as lair for the Dark Dragon short stay in the city.


  • Despite being part of China, Hong Kong is an autonomous region.
  • In the episode "Hong Kong Longs", the magical creatures seen on the bar are western ones and not Chinese.
  • The appearence of the Dragon Temple in Peak Victoria would have exposed magic thought it's possible that the Dragon Council cast protective spells around it.