American Dragon Jake Long
Hong Kong Nights
Season: 1
Production code: 125
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Disney Channel US Premiere:
September 8, 2005
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"Hong Kong Nights" is the eighteenth episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.



Jake was sent to the principal's office for dancing on top of the desks in Professor Rotwood's class. Jake was talking to Derseto about what happened in Rotwood's class. Trixie and Spud were listening through the office door. Jake said that Professor Rotwood was lying, but the cameras said otherwise. The principal then made Jake write a report on his role model, and Trixie and Spud suggested Grandpa.

Jake had to clean up the shop. Grandpa mentioned to Jake that he told him to clean the shop and give Fu Dog a bath. Jake said that the shop is so clean that you could eat off it, but there was some filth on the counter. When it was time to give Fu Dog a bath, Jake grabbed the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming Fu Dog. But everything went wrong, and the vacuum exploded and got the shop even dirtier. Councilor Chang then arrived.

Since Jake didn't clean up anything, he had to stay in the shop while Lao Shi and Chang left on business. While Jake was cleaning everything up, he got mad and said that his grandpa is really uptight, but Fu Dog told him that he used to be like Jake when he was young. Fu Dog then showed Jake a book that contained everything that Fu Dog and Grandpa had lived through.

While Fu Dog was telling Jake about the times he had with Grandpa, Trixie and Spud came in and listened to the story, too. It turned out that Grandpa was the way he is now because of the Dark Dragon. While Jake cleaned, he thought about it and figured out that Chang set them up, and that Lao Shi was now all alone and Chang was trying to do the same thing 30 years later.

In the sewers, Jake saw Grandpa tied up. Lao Shi told him it's a trap, and then the Dark Dragon appeared and said, "A trap that appears to have worked!" Fu Dog told him that he wasn't going to faint this time, but Chang once again hit Fu Dog in the back of his head, knocking him unconscious. Chang told them why she betrayed them and joined up with the Dark Dragon. Jake said that he had human and magical creatures who got along really well, and they all engaged in battle. As they clashed, the Tooth Fairy kept the Dark Dragon busy with her Tooth Minions. While Trixie and Spud took care of Chang, Trixie and Spud captured Chang in a net. Jake grabbed Grandpa and fled. Chang told the Dark Dragon that they were escaping.

Outside, Jake and the Dark Dragon fought, but he dodged every blow thanks to the Oracle Twins that helped Jake. The Dark Dragon said, "Oracle Twins. Very resourceful, but you are no match for me!" When the Dark Dragon stepped on a piece of wood, Jake went up where everyone else was. The Oracle Twins, Trixie, Spud and Jake jumped off and catapulted the Dark Dragon away, where he landed near the rocks. The Tooth Fairy then came in with a bulldozer carrying large pieces of piled-up wood and smashed the Dark Dragon with them. The Dark Dragon disappeared in an explosion, and the gang celebrated their victory. Meanwhile, Fu Dog awakes expecting to fight, but everybody had already left by then.

In the principal's office, the principal was reading Jake's paper that he wrote about his Grandpa. The principal said, "You are really admiring your Grandpa." Jake responded, "Believe that. Starting from now, things are going to change, even between me and Professor Rotwood." Jake left dancing but didn't see Professor Rotwood and accidentally pushed him down the stairs. When he crashed to the bottom, Professor Rotwood yelled, "Jake Long! To the principal's office!" Jake replied, "Aw, man!"


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  • Jake: (after being told to be slain or join with the Dark Dragon) Wow thanks, but I choose neither! I've got an army of my own. Magical and human.
  • Spud: Yeah, and sometimes Trixie hugs the half pipe...
  • Spud: Ok.
  • Dark Dragon: Ha ha ha, how very amusing. Shades, seize them. (the Shade Demons chase the heroes)
  • Jake: DRAGON UP! (shifts into dragon form) All right guys, just like we planed it. Tooth Fairy, now!
  • Tooth Fairy: (summons her Tooth Minions) Abrakadabra. (the Tooth Minions beat up the Shade Demons)
  • Trixie and Spud: Ahhhhhh!
  • Veronica the Arachne: Why hello Evil Shade Thingies. Welcome to Veronica's World Wide Web! (squirts spider web and traps the Shade Demons) Stick around.

(the Dark Dragon beats up the Tooth Minions)

  • Jake: (after he frees his Grandpa) Come on Gramps, let's get you out of here.
  • Chang: Unless I stop you. (turns into a dragon with pruple scales, a long tail, sharp claw, stands on 2 legs, orange spikes, and a dragon face with orange and yellow horns and she is taller)
  • Trixie: Or unless me and Spud stop you from stopping him.
  • Spud: Unless you can stop us from stopping you, stop them. Wait, will someone please tell me what I'm saying.
  • Chang: (in her dragon form) Please, your nothing but infeariure humans.
  • Trixie: See? That's the thing, homeslight. We humans are tricked out with some of Fu Dog's serious magical mojo. (takes out green mojo with pruple sparks out of her pocket)
  • Chang: (in her dragon form) What?!

(Trixie and Spud are joined together with the magic mojo)

  • Spud: Yeah, now taste our stinkers!
  • Trixie and Spud: (jump and yell and fight Chang)
  • Jake: Kara, Sara. Follow me.

(2 Shade Demons knock their selves out when they tried to catch Kara and Sara, but the 2 Oracles followed Jake)

(Spud and Trixie continued to fight Chang)

  • Trixie: Yo Chang, heads up! (throws a net mad of Sphinx hair at Chang and traps her)
  • Chang: NO! (gets caught in the net and turns back into a human)
  • Trixie and Spud: (dancing) That's it. Uhuh. We bad. We bad.
  • Sara: (to Chang) Your going to prison.
  • Kara: (to Chang) Where you'll have lots of nice leaves, comic , and genare haircuts.

(the Dark Dragon continues to destroy the Tooth Minions)

  • Tooth Fairy: You who, Mr. Dark Dragon. If you surrender I'll give you a free tooth brush.
  • Dark Dragon: (sees the Tooth Fairy and hits her) Roar!
  • Tooth Fairy: Ahhhh! Ow! Oh crumb, a stain on my lovely dress. (gets mad at the Dark Dragon) Prepare to TAKE fairy dust, DIRTBALL!
  • Chang: (to the Dark Dragon) Master, their escaping!
  • Jake: Come on guys. Yo G, you'll be safe up here .
  • Dark Dragon: (breaks out of the sewers and gets mad) Roar! American Dragon! You think you can escape me so easily?!
  • Jake: Oh yeah, what was I thinking. Yo, give me your best shot.

(Tries to hit Jake, but misses)

  • Sara: He's going to swing left. Right, duck, jump.
  • Dark Dragon: (sees Kara and Sara) Oracles? Very resourceful, but you cannot escape from me. It's time to put an end, American Dragon!
  • Jake: Really? I think it's time for a Lao Shi lifft off. Guys, now!

(Jake and the others step on the wooden plank on the barrel and the Dark Dragon liftts off and falls)

  • Tooth Fairy: (in the bulldozer) And this is for the DRESS!

(the machine trops the ton of bricks)

  • Dark Dragon (sees the ton and says): Noo!

(gets crushed by the ton of bricks and explodes)


  • It is revealed how Grandpa and Fu met.
  • Grandpa's fight with Dragon Summit was mentioned but here it is shown.
    • It is revealed most of Grandpa's personality is linked to his fight with The Dark Dragon.
  • In an early draft for this episode, Chang was going to be revealed to be Jake's maternal grandmother.
  • At the club where Grandpa and Fu met there was a neon sign that resembled the Dragon Talisman from Jackie Chan Adventures.


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