American Dragon Jake Long
Huntsboys 88 & 89

Breakout (46)

Created By:
Jeff Goode
Voiced By:
Kyle Massey[1][2]
Nicholas Brendon[3][4]
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Huntsclan's apprentices (formerly)
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Hunts​boys #88[5][6] and #89[7][8] (real names unknown) were two freshly recruited Huntsclan members initially intercepted on their way to the Huntsclan Academy.


They are the newest members of The Huntsclan, as well as its most cowardly members. They often speak with much cockiness and bravado, but when face to face with an actual magical creature, they're quick to run away screaming. They were first introduced when Spud hacked the Huntsclan's teleportation frequency and brought the two to Central Park. There they were seen boasting about how eager they were to slay a dragon, until they finally saw Jake and Lao Shi in dragon form and ran away in fear until they ran into each other and knocked themselves out. They were then imprisoned so that Jake and Spud could go undercover to the Huntsclan academy in their place. They inadvertently managed to escape, but thanks to Rose, Jake and Spud managed get out safe and sound.

They later returned to New York City as Huntsclan apprentices, but even then, they still proved to be incompetent in that profession at every turn. When the Huntsclan was destroyed by the Aztec Skulls, 88 and 89 managed to escape by immediately quitting the Huntsclan (which included taking off their uniforms).

However, they soon returned to it, using the title as an attempt to garner respect, but to no avail. Hiding out in the Huntsclan's old New York base, the managed to discover a hidden cache of gadgets, vehicles, and weaponry, which made them a significant danger. Though, in the end, it all fell apart and they were once again the victims of a humiliating defeat[9].

Episode Appearances[]

Season Two[]



  • Huntsboy #89: "88 check it out, Rose went find herself a big hunk-a-man!"
  • Huntsboy #88: (singing) "Rose and her boyfriend sittin in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-AHHHH!"


  • Although they clearly seem incompetent in every way, the Huntsman still seems to trust them with a quite a few assignments (most likely due to their resumes saying that they slayed a variety of magical creatures, but all of it was actually just in a video game).
  • For some strange reason, 88 and 89 don't seem to like Rose very much, as they were quick to tease her about being with Jake and seem very eager to see her get in trouble with Huntsman. The reason for this is never explained during the series though. But it could just be their way of getting more favor from the Huntsman.
  • 88 and 89 seem give the Huntsclan threat an amount of humor that was never given by Rose or the Huntsman.
  • In the episode Homecoming, 88 and 89 were not destroyed along with almost the rest of the Huntsclan because they claimed that according to the Huntclan's guide book, they were still considered novices and not full fledged members. After deserting them, the end credits show them trying to get work while wearing only their boxer shorts.
  • Usually when 88 gets attacked, he calls and screams for his Momma[10][11].
  • It is interesting to note that when Rose wished for the destruction of the Huntsclan, all the birthmarks started to glow from all the Huntclan members except 88 & 89. Even though they had renounced their Clan membership just moments prior, this might also indicate they faked their way into the Huntsclan.

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