American Dragon Jake Long

The Huntsclan used many futuristic weaponry which was what enabled them to counter the powers of Magical Creatures. Their most used weapon was the huntstaff, which is their primary weapon. They do possess other kinds of weapons like submarines, detonators and flying saucers.


The computer tracking a dragon

List of Huntstech[]


The Huntstaff is the Huntsclan primary weapon, used to sent blasts of plasma, teleport, holograms and simply to behead magical creatures. Like everything else, the appearence of the Huntstaff changed from season one to season two.

The Huntstaff is extremely powerful, capable of harm even the Dark Dragon.

Flying saucer[]

The flying scaucer is a alien-looking helicopter which the Huntsclan uses to move around. It looked alien in nature in Season One and certainly was, in-universe, responsible for the myth of alien abduction. In Season Two, however, the Huntsclan uses more normal-looking helicopters.

Magical Creature Tracking Computer[]

A computer that enabled to track magical creatures. It's not know how it does that but it's presumed is DNA based. It's to mention that the computer seems to be capable of track dragons, but only if they're in dragon form. Not human form.

Green Energy[]

A lot of Huntstech uses energy that is the color green.