American Dragon Jake Long
Jake's Dragon Tile Combo

Jake's Dragon Tile Combo is an online video game based on American Dragon: Jake Long.


This is quite an unusual Mahjong game. Unlike other similar matching games, Jake's Dragon Tile Combo challenges you not only to pair the identical tiles but also to uncover hidden treasures and gain unique abilities.

The general rule of matching is the same as for other Mahjong games - create a pair of identical tiles that are not covered and have at least one left or right side free. There are five unique abilities that you can gather on the bar on the bottom of the screen, which makes this game more fun than usual.

The Pairfinder helps you find the matching tile once you select the desired tile. The Matchfinder ability shows open matches on the board. To shuffle the tiles use the Scramble button. The most powerful of all abilities is the Tile Magic. It clears the neighboring tiles around the selected one as well as their matches on the entire board.
To earn bonus points you need to uncover hidden treasures beneath the tiles. When the shovel icon pops up grab it and place it on the bottom bar until you see an X mark on the map. Select the shovel and click the X mark to uncover the treasure.

If your ability bar is full you will need to decide which ability you don't need and replace it with a new one.
Overall, Jake's Dragon Tile Combo is a great distraction for your spare time.