American Dragon Jake Long

The Dragon of Japan has just appeared in The Hong Kong Longs. He is one of dragon council members. He is the first dragon who saved Japan, and wields two golden swords.

After the Dark Dragon, Councilor Chang, and Bananas B arrived, the Japanese Dragon turned into his dragon form and realized that Jake Long slipped something into their drinks. The Dark Dragon, while thinking the council members drank his mind control spell, commanded Sun Park to destroy and kill Councilor Andam, but she suddenly grew long ears, while the Japanese Dragon turned into a codfish, Councilor Andam tuned into a hippo, Councilor Omina turned into a sheep, Councilor Kulde turned into a horse, Councilor Kukulkhan turned into an eagle, and the rest of the dragons turned into different animals.


Dragon Japan

He turned back into his dragon form to fight the Dark Dragon.


During the battle against the Dark Dragon.

Dragon Anatomy[]

Dragon of Japan's dragon form resembles a large green dragon. He wields two samurai swords and brown wrist plates. His mane is brown and his short hair is black. His underbelly is a yellowish green. His wings are similar to most dragons, having an arm-and-fingers bone structure. The outside of his wings match the green of his scales, but the inside of his wings are a darker green than his scales.