American Dragon Jake Long
Jaren MacArthur

Shapeshifter (57)


Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: 15/16
Date of Birth: 1988-1989
Hair and Eye Color: Blond
Occupation: High School Student
Teen Pop Sensation
Created By: Jeff Goode
Friends: Rose
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jeff Bennett
First Appearance: The Legend of Dragon Tooth
Last Appearance: Shapeshifter

Jaren MacArthur[1][2] is a renowned teen pop star that most girls woo over. He makes a brief appearance on TV[3], and is officially seen in person later on[4]. He never makes another appearance throughout the series.

Physical Appearance[]

Jaren is a young boy with short blond hair that he styles with hair gel. He wears a blue A-shirt with a red arrow pointing upwards over a regular orange shirt, a pair of khaki pants and blue shoes. He is seen once in his underwear, which are neon green with purple polka dots, he also wears knee length socks with two orange stripes at the end of them. His upper body may have a bit of a muscular build, as seen when he was in his underpants.


In his very short appearance more than halfway through[4], Jaren appears to be quite an egoistical young man. He turns into a wreck after he realizes that his pants and hair gel were stolen from him and cries out in agony while exhibiting himself in his underpants in the streets. Because of this dilemma, it is mentioned that he may not be able to summon enough courage to take the stage as scheduled.

Music Career[]

Jaren is a teen pop star that many teenage girls obsess over, including Rose and her friend Courtney. One of his biggest hit singles is called Girls, Don't Be Trippin'. He planned to have a concert at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City[4], although it is unknown if he actually did his show after his pants and hair gel were stolen.

Jaren also participated in the 3rd Annual Hip-Hop Video Awards with his hit single Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, although this is only mentioned and never actually seen[3].


  • (recording of him singing) "Girls, don't be trippin'; my mind, you're always flippin'; with all your talk of relationshippin'..."
  • (in his underpants after his pants and Tub-o-Hairgel were stolen) "Why, yo? WHY?!"


  • Jaren MacArthur's name and character are a spoof of two real-life pop stars: Jesse McCartney and Aaron Carter.
  • Rose has a poster of Jaren in her school locker and has a pop star crush on him.
  • According to an article in a teen magazine, Jaren's favorite food is fajitas and he always buys his clothes in Haberdashian Flintch.
  • According to a news reporter, Jaren wears extra, extra baggy jeans.

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