American Dragon Jake Long
Keeping Shop
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Season: 1
Production code: 119
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Disney Channel US Premiere:
January 6, 2006
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"Keeping Shop" is the twenty-second episode of the Disney Channel Original series American Dragon: Jake Long.


When Gramps,and Jake leave New York for the Dragon Retreat. Spud, Trixie and Fu are put in charge of Gramps' shop. While they are guarding the store, Biker Trolls are destroying the Magus Bazaar. Spud and Trixie are set to defeat the Biker Trolls to save Magus Bazaar. Equipped with a little bit of magic which gave them some dragon powers; but not as much as a real dragon's but enough to take down a few Trolls along with a fake Chinese Dragon costume to scare the Trolls. Even as they beat alot of Trolls they are eventually stripped of their power from the Biker Trolls' Mother and are forced to run they soon lose the Trolls and hide in Gramps shop with Gramps and Jake continuely calling them. The Biker Trolls wreck the shop. Spud,Trixie and Fu bust their instant sunshine a Bike Trolls weakness and their Mom turns to stone they while Trixie threatens the Trolls and they run off. Spud and Trixie are cleaning up the last of the broken objects.When Jake and Gramps return Gramps is proud that nothing was broken but finds out most of his equipment has gone missing as and then Fu, Spud and Trixie exclaim "Aw Man" before the screen fades to black.


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]


  • Biker Trolls
  • Biker Trolls' Mother



  • Veronica makes her final appearance.
  • The epic story of Beowulf has the titular hero engaging with, and defeating, 2 terrible enemies in single combat. First he fought the Troll-like monster Grendel, and then he had to defeat Grendels Mother when she sought revenge. This episode May serve to parody that.


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