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Underwater Breathing


A Kelpie[1] is a sea creature that lives in oceans. It is a shapeshifting monster that takes the power of any magical creature on which it feeds.

Physical Appearance[]

It looks like a huge fish-man with green scales, fins on its back, its head, and its arms and legs, and it also has yellow eyes.


This creature is very aggressive against people and magical creatures. It will attack and bite anyone and it seems to know who Jake is and wants to take his powers. When it was captured, it was in chains and it was muzzled.

Magical Abilities[]

Shapeshifting/Transformation: The Kelpie feeds so it can assume the form or shape or powers of whatever magical creatures or non magical creature on which it feeds. When it feeds it drains the creatures essence and sends the creatures soul into total darkness.

Fangs/Canine-teeth: The Kelpie has sharp teeth that can bite creatures. It prefers to bite the neck so it would be easier and quicker to drain a magical creatures abilities and form although it keeps its voice while assuming another form.

Super-Strength: The Kelpie while in its regular form possess inhuman strength, speed and reflexes it is a formidable foe and strong enough to take down a dragon. This is why it is one of the most dangerous sea creatures in the magical world.

Strategic ability: Kelpie prefers a stealthy approach when coming into contact with a powerful magical creature such as a dragon. It also finds a way to strike from the inside and make sure the target does not have a clue that it is being hunted.


Episode Appearances[]

Season Two[]


  • Another Kelpie was seen in Season 2[2].
  • The Kelpie was one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.
  • The real-life Kelpie was actually a water horse.
  • When Silver was demonstrating the Kelpie's escape[3], the Kelpie is shown much larger than the guards, but when he was chasing the guards, he is now short as a human.
  • Kelpies are actually a kind of shapeshifting merfolk from Scottish folklore that usually take the forms of beautiful men and women or aquatic horses that entice people to come to them, and then drown them and eat them.
  • In Scottish stories, a Kelpie is said to live in Loch Ness, which people say is the reason and mythology behind the Loch Ness monster.