King Hammer
King Hammer[1] is a ring announcer and the main villain of a special wrestling match[2].

Wrestler minions

  • Baron Von Fish Slayer - a wrestler who wears red suit, tan skin, black hair with a moustache, and he holds a dead purple fish.
  • Goorilla - another wrestler who is a wild gorilla-like human with creepy eyes, brown hair wears an orange pants, and is covered in green goo.
  • Monstrocon - a robot and human wrestler who wear a blue suit, a mechanical body, and he is bald.
  • Undead Head - a wrestler who looks like a zombie who has no ruined body parts, light brown hair, ripped Hawaiian shirt and pants, and crooked teeth.
  • Kodiak Mack - this wrestler wears a green pants and has a grizzly bear body.
  • Flying Walrus - an old huge man with walrus fangs and brown fur clothes.
  • Ace - an unseen wrestler.
  • Ventura - an unseen wrestler.
  • Snake - an unseen wrestler.
  • Electro - an unseen wrestler.
  • Penketh - an unseen wrestler.
  • Fighting Fukuto - an unseen wrestler.
  • Mammoth Man - an unseen wrestler.
  • Homewrecker - an unseen wrestler.
  • Shanno - an unseen wrestler.
  • Bo Vine - an unseen wrestler.
  • Axe - an unseen wrestler.
  • El Nino - an unseen wrestler.
  • Rhino - an unseen wrestler.

Episode Appearances

Season One


  • He is one of a few human villains to know about the magical world.
  • He only appeared in Season 1[2], and never made a reappearance in Season 2.
  • He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.[3]



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