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The Kraken is a magical creature kept in captivity at the Huntsclan Academy which serves as a monster for any Huntsclan member to battle as punishment for infractions[1].

Physical Appearance[]

It is a giant fish monster about the size of a Tyrannosaurus. It has green scales, red eyes, long green hands, its belly is yellow and has a huge tail with feet. Its tongue is pink.

Magical Powers[]

The Kraken is an amphibious monster able to breathe in water and on land. They are also capable of taking down ships like most sea monsters. Its red eyes are likely used to see in dark places. They might be also capable of camouflaging by using their top bodies to look like an island to lure their victims.


  • The Kraken is considered one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.
  • Some of the oldest accounts of krakens describe it as a giant crab monster, even calling it the crab-fish.
  • Most Kraken have been depicted as looking like a giant squid.
    • In many folk tales, the Kraken is said to have three huge, identical heads.
    • In some tales, the Kraken has 1000 tentacles and 10 mouths.
  • The Kraken is similar to the character Gill in the Disney animated series Kim Possible[2].


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