American Dragon Jake Long

This is a list of magical creatures and characters in the American animated television series American Dragon: Jake Long.


  • Cupid (Nestor Carbonell): The god of love. He had Jake watch over the love arrows while he was on vacation.
  • Neptune: The god of the sea is mentioned in "Feeding Frenzy". His Trident was the target of Tiburón in his plan to flood the United States and conquer it.


  • Vault Demons: Three different ones were confined in a box called The Vault which cannot be opened on Chinese New Year. These demons were said to be so powerful, they could not be destroyed and instead were imprisoned.
  • Krylock Demon: An inter-dimensional monster that has the head of a cobra and the body of a scorpion. It normally resides in a hellish dimension, but it has the power to conjure portals to other realms in order to feed. Its venom is a key ingredient in a portal charm recipe, and can mutate an organism into a Krylock-like creature if consumed. The only way to cure an individual who has consumed Krylock venom is to slay the Krylock that the venom had come from. According to Steve Loter, he is also one of The Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.
  • Shade Demons: Ghostly shadow dragon-like beings that are conjured by the Dark Dragon and serve him as his foot soldiers. They seem to be very weak, however, and easily disperse into shadows and smoke when defeated. They do seem capable enough to defeat the Tooth Fairy's Tooth Minions, though. At the end of "The Hong Kong Longs", they are all destroyed by Jonathan Long who finds their one true weakness is light. They are also one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.


Dragons are protectors of magical creatures, although not necessarily entirely good. Most of them are selected humans such as Jake. Occasionally, their powers vary from one another. Most breathe fire but some may breathe ice or electricity. However, their basic ability to project their ch'i to create doppelgangers of themselves is a power shared by all dragons.


  • Brownies: Similar to leprechauns, Brownies are tiny anthropomorphic creatures enamored of shiny things who speak in Scottish accents.
  • Elves: They are the "humans" of the magical realm. Some are caterers who work for both magical and non-magical creatures.
  • Gnomes: Small, nature people.
  • Leprechauns: Living on Wall Street, their pot of gold is the source of all their luck and is coveted by various magical creatures and humans.
  • Wood Nymph: Professor Rotwood once believed they were fairies. Whatever this belief remains has yet to be revealed.

Fairy folk[]

  • Fairies: Tiny creatures that sometimes serve as messengers.
  • Pixies: Tiny, human-shaped beings with butterfly-like wings. If they are scared or upset, they will lash out at whoever is nearest to them. In "Fool's Gold", it is briefly mentioned that they can grant wishes.
  • Pooka: A creature that thrives on chaos and mayhem. It has special hypnotic powers that can sway people into a destructive mindset and be loosely commanded by the Pooka. One appeared in "Haley Gone Wild", where it used a children's television show to hypnotize hundreds of children to follow its commands of chaos.
  • Sprites: Woodland beings with human shape and butterfly-like wings, much like Pixies, but prefer walking instead of flying. They prefer to dwell in remote wooded areas such as Central Park or the New Jersey woods.
  • Tooth Fairy (Edie McClurg): Her real name is unknown. She can use her wand to summon her tooth minions. She only gets angry when someone messes her clothing. She is very mannered, refusing even to utter the word "Hell".


  • Goblins: As always, goblins are portrayed as crafty creatures. A mob boss named Herbert even controls some 'black market' operations in New York's magical underworld. Goblins have a keen sense of smell-a fact that Jake once put to good use by knocking over a dumpster full of rotten fish to temporarily incapacitate an attacking gang of goblins.
  • Hobgoblins: Armor-clad creatures that enjoy terrorizing other beings, and causing destruction and pain for their own enjoyment. They are simplistic (as noted through their atrocious speech), and rather savage-like in nature. They have an obsession with Leprechaun gold and can sometimes become benevolent when promised it. They are also considered one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community. These magical creatures resemble Orcs. A gang were among many creatures that tried to attack Rotwood in Magical Enemy #1.
  • Mountain Goblin: Giant winged goblins that look like hobgoblins.


  • Abominable Snowman (Yeti): Creatures that are closely related to Sasquatches. Their furs can make powerful potions called Destruction Potions. Two were seen in Ski Trip on top of a snowy mountain and 2 more were seen in Nobody's Fu. They were mentioned in Game On.
  • Boggle: A Boggle attended a baseball game that Fu won tickets for and received a Beagle from him.
  • Cyclops: A female cyclops named Iris attended Pandarus' beauty pageant. She ate Fu Dog's rose when see disliked the joke that Fu made called a Pupil Day.
  • Dwarves: In "Nobody's Fu", a Dwarf was one of the four judges for Fu Dog's magical guardian permit exam.
  • Fire-Haired Woman: One attended Pandarus' beauty pageant.
  • Genie (Djinn): Powerful spirits, also known as genies, which can turn into smoke to escape from harm. They can and will reveal the identity of magical creatures in hiding. A djinn was found imprisoned in Taranushi's Chalice which was used as a talent show trophy. Oddly enough, it appears that the same Djinn attended Jake's Halloween party, although it might have been a Djinn with a similar appearance.
  • Giants: Giants are portrayed as peaceful folk in this series. Many live in a mountain village. Some of the well-known giants are Hobie (Daryl Sabara) from "Ring Around the Dragon" and Bertha (Edie McClurg) from "Eye of the Beholder" and "The Hunted". In Season 2, giants are portrayed as being more aggressive than they were in Season 1. Giants are also interested in Leperchuan gold.
  • Gremlins: Curious little creatures who take apart and ruin mechanical and electrical devices and machines.
  • Gorgons: Euryale, Fury, and Medusa are three Gorgon sisters who could turn anyone to stone, until they themselves were turned to stone by gazing at their own reflections. Unlike turning people to stone and make them crack to pieces to death, they have different powers to make people turn to stone with out being cracked to death.
  • Grim Reaper: Marty (Ron Masak) is the current Grim Reaper and a friend of Fu Dog (see "Family Business"). Marty the Grim Reaper farts and gases alot when he eats Sauceage Rolls. In Nobody's Fu, there is another grim reaper that looks like Marty.
  • Hags: Old women that are pimply smelly and posativiling revolting in appearance.
  • Harpies: Young, beautiful girls that have a good fashion sense despite being half human and half bird. These creatures were seen in Halloween Bash. They are diffrent in season 2.
  • Imps: One dresses up as a cat as a disguise to hide from humans.
  • Nixes: In this show, Nixes are human/serpentine creatures whose true forms are exposed when the full moon is in the exact center of the sky. They are known to steal souls for nourishment. Referred to as Nix, they are more similar to another mythical creature, the Naga.
  • Ogres: Creatures related to giants and trolls. Ogres are well known to be strong and athletic, and a popular sport known only to the magical world is played by Ogres: The Ogre Bowl. Pandarus has Ogres as minions.
  • Sasquatch: Creatures that possess superior strength that are closely related to the Abominable Snowmen. Some live in the forests near New York. They are normally gentle in nature, but they will attack anyone or anything, even the city of New York itself, if a member of their clan, especially their young, are threatened. The credits that was shown in the end of Rotwood Files shows a sasquatch called bigfoot was shown by Rotwood.
  • Satyrs: Goat-like humans that work as chefs for Eli Pandarus (see The Heist).
  • Strigoi: Unlike vampires, these creatures feed on dragon blood instead of human blood in order to keep themselves alive. Once they drink a dragon's blood, they are able to walk freely in the daylight. Queen Liliana (Tress Macneille) and her sons were the strigoi who appeared in "Bite Father, Bite Son".
  • Tooth Minions: Creatures composed of teeth that the Tooth Fairy collected from loose teeth that children had placed under their pillows. They follow the bidding of whoever wields the tooth fairy's wand, including Dr. Diente. They can also be seen in Hong Kong Longs.
  • Trolls: One lives under the Triborough Troll Bridge. There is also a furry, one-eyed troll named Stan Lipkowski (Don Lake) who is a friend of Fu's and lives in the sewers. There are 2 kinds of trolls such as One-Eyed Sewer Trolls (Stan Lipkowski) and mountain trolls. Troll fur turns into monstrous hairballs when exposed to sunlight and/or fire. Also, trolls themselves turn to stone when exposed to sunlight. Trolls are also interested in Leperchuan gold.
  • Two-Headed Woman: One attempted to date Lao Shi in "Something Fishy This Way Comes."
  • Werewolves: A female of this species attempted to date Lao Shi in "Something Fishy this way Comes". An elderly female werewolf was among the magical characters that tried to attack Rotwood.
  • Lizard Woman: Cross between 2 Women and a Giant Lizard. 2 Women with 2 Bodies and a Giant Green Lizard body with 4 Legs, Light Green Belly, a Huge Lizard Tail, and Black Spikes. 1 attened Eli Pandarus' beauty pageant. This Magical Creature was seen on TV in the beggining of Eye of Beholder.
  • 6-Armed People: A female one was giving Fu Dog a masague in Dragon Breath. A male one was invited in Jake's halloween party.


Aside from Jake and the other half-dragons, there are other people with 'special' talents:

  • Jack Frost (Jonathan Freeman): He appeared as one of the judges at Pandarus' beauty pageant.
  • Oracles are humans with the ability to see the future. Sara & Kara are the prominent examples of oracles in the show.
  • Santa Claus (Kevin Michael Richardson): He appeared as one of the judges at Pandarus' beauty pageant.
  • Witches Female humans capable of using magic. They are briefly mentioned in "Family Business". In addition, three witches appeared in "Game On" whose jobs are to destroy powerful magical devices.
  • Wizards: Male humans capable of using magic. Eli E. Pandarus (Jonathan Freeman), the Wizard of Wall Street, is an example.


  • Giant Insect: They were used by Sigmund Brock to lure out the human identity of a dragon in "The Rotwood Files."
  • Giant Leech: This creature is mentioned as one of the magical creatures Huntsboys #88 and #89 had "slain" on their résumés at the end of "Breakout".
  • Giant Mosquito (Mosquito): One was seen during Jake's Astral Training.
  • Kumo Spider: A giant spider monster that can regenerate its legs if burnt off as well as having the ability to break anything including unicorn horn.
  • Magical Scarab Beetle: A magical insect from Egypt that can animate dead bodies with the use of moonlight.

Mythological hybrids[]

  • Arachnes: A cross between a human and a spider. Veronica (Tara Strong) is an example.
  • Centaur: A cross between a human and a horse. In "Bodyguard Duty", it is mentioned that some centaurs participate in centaur races, the magical world's equivalent to horse races.
  • Cerberus: The Huntsclan owns a pack of hellhounds (described as "cerberuses") for hunts such as the Grand Equinox Hunt. A female Cerberus participated in Pandarus' "Miss Magical World" beauty pageant.
  • Chimera: Another magical creature that is considered to be one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community. It has three heads (a lion head, a goat head, and a cobra head), a humanoid lion body, the hooves of a goat on the feet of its hind legs and a snake tail. One was seen within Rotwood's subconscious (and in other dream-realms) in "Dreamscape".
  • Gargoyles: One was shown living atop the Empire State Building as seen in "Old School Training". Statues of these creatures, known as the Gargoyles of the Pantheon, are the key to unlocking the powers of the 13 mystical Aztec skulls.
  • Griffins: A griffin has a nest on the Empire State Building and keeps their newly-hatched young in the digestive tract for weeks.
  • Jersey Devil: One was shown living in the forests near a Sprite village in "The Long Weekend". Depicted as having a moose head (with strange horns) and body, eagle wings, and a lion-like tail.
  • Manticore: This creature is mentioned at the end of "Breakout". According to Huntsboys #88's and #89's résumés, they had "slain" a pack of them.
  • Octo-puss: A strange creature that appears to be a cross between a black cat and an octopus. It appeared in "The Academy" when Spud hacked into the Huntsclan's mainframe and accidentally pulled this creature from another dimension.
  • Pegasus: One was shown during Haley's photo shoot in "Family Business".
  • Sphinx: A dragon's powers weaken due to their hair which is made into specific nets and chains used greatly by the Huntsclan and even by the Dark Dragon's forces.
  • Unicorns: A herd (blessing) lives in Central Park. Its horn is said to be made of the hardest substance known to Earth and magic realms and supposedly sells very well on the magical Black Market.
  • Minotaur: A cross between a bull and a man. In Old School Training and Shapeshifter, there was picture of a minotaur's head with a unicorn's head on at the back of the chalf board in Rotwood's classroom.
  • Giant Bat: One was seen in Nobody's Fu.
  • Red Monster: The Huntsclan has one when the time the Huntsman has a huntsman. One was seen Hero of the Hourglass. Only it's arm was shown. It's pretty big.
  • Orange Tentacled Monster and Blue Tentacled Monster: 2 of these monsters were seen in Beffulded Mind where they were at Magus Bizzare playing arm wrestling with each other.

Sea monsters and other mythical sea creatures[]

  • Kelpie (Dee Bradley Baker): An aquatic creature that can suck the life-energy out of any creature, allowing it to transform into that life-form and utilize its unique abilities. In this show, it's depicted as a bipedal fishman. It is also considered as one of The Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community. Oddly enough, there was a kelpie in Magical Enemy #1 and it looks similar to the evil kelpie and it was among the many creatures that tried to attack Rotwood in Magical Enemy #1.
  • Kraken: The Huntsclan Academy has a Kraken for battles for wrongdoing students. In this show, it is seen as a giant fish-like beast. It is also considered as one of The Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.
  • Mermaids: Some mermaids and mermen live in the Hudson River in a city called Mermopolis. Two of the well-known mermaids are Silver (Kari Wahlgren), the aquaphobic mermaid who first appeared in "The Hunted" and Jake's former school principal Dolores Dercerto who revealed herself to be a mermaid in "Something Fishy This Way Comes".
  • Octopus People: Half person, half octopus. One was seen at Eli Pandarus's Ms. Magical Magical Universe beauty pageant (see "Eye of the Beholder") and another was seen in "The Halloween Bash" at Jake's party.
  • Sea Serpent: Elongated, winged, but limbless draconic creatures that seem to serve as steeds to shark people. Tiburón is seen riding one in his plan to apprehend Neptune's trident in "Feeding Frenzy".
  • Shark People: Half-shark, half-human creatures that are able to walk on dry land (though, they must always return to the water at some point). One female of this species came to date Lao Shi in "Something Fishy This Way Comes". More of them are featured prominently in "Feeding Frenzy", where a group of them led by Tiburón try to flood half of the North American continent with Neptune's trident in order to gain more territory. They are notoriously known to eat anything, defended as being a natural instinct.
  • Siren: It was mentioned in "Dragon Summit" and later made an appearance in "Siren Says" as Vicky, one of the students at Millard Fillmore Middle School. The Siren uses its voice to control any male who is close by. When Fu Dog put his Siren costume, it shows that the Siren resembles a Mermaid.


  • Guardian Serpent: A giant snake that guards one of 13 mystical Aztec skulls. If all the skulls are brought together, it could bring certain doom to all magical creatures. The serpent was later used by the Huntsman to track down the skull and was slain by him in the end of "Breakout".
  • Hydra: The scales of a Hydra were among the ingredients of a recipe to a spell that brought the Dark Dragon back to power in "Being Human".
  • Vine Snakes: 3 were seen in Jake's Dream in Half-Baked. They camouflage like vines.


  • Animal Guardian: Animals that are assigned to watch over a dragon. Fu Dog (John DiMaggio) is an example. Animal guardians are required to have a license in order to be the guardian of another individual. This license expires after a certain amount of time and must be renewed. Otherwise, another animal guardian is assigned to the magical creature the original animal guardian was protecting (see "Nobody's Fu").
  • Avimetrus: A tentacled monster that feeds off the youth of anyone so it can live forever. To restore a person back to its normal age, it must be vanquished. It is also one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.
  • Doppelganger: Doppelgangers are basically clones of another entity using their ch'i. Doppelgangers seem to have their own personalities after they are created, most of the time similar to the original entity they were cloned from. Every doppelganger one makes sucks out part of their own ch'i energy causing them to become weaker. Jake created several doppelgangers of himself in "The Doppelganger Gang" and even created an evil one, Yang Jake (Dante Basco).
  • Ghosts: The disembodied spirits of the dead. Ghosts have the ability to posses the bodies of the living. Most objects are able to pass through them. However, dragons are able to touch them as if they were solid and therefore are able to attack them. They are made of ectoplasim.
  • Iceberg Monster: Lao Shi had Jake imagine it while he was daydreaming him with Rose on the Valentine's Day cruise ship during his Astral Training.
  • Moss Monster: A large, tentacled creature made up of entirely of moss that lives in the swamps of the magical world. One was seen in "Shaggy Frog". It was one of the Top 13 Threats to the Magical Community.
  • Ooze Man: It was among the many creatures that tried to attack Rotwood in "Magic Enemy #1".
  • Phoenix: A phoenix's feather was among the ingredients of a recipe to a spell that brought the Dark Dragon back to power in "Being Human".
  • WereFrog (Magical Frog): One was seen in The Shaggy Frog. They turn people into Werebeasts when they bite people.
  • Hairball Monster: They are regular Troll hair when they don't attack. Unfortunately, the Troll hair turn into Small little Hairball monsters that eat flesh when they get burned by fire/the sun. They are Small and Round, they are made of Troll hair, they have red Eyes, and they have a mouth full of sharp teeth.
  • 2-Nosed Elephant: This Creature was only seen in Eye of the Beholder. It was Blue, has 2 noses, wears a hat, a dress (maybe), has Elephant Hands and Feet, and it's a female. 1 attend to dance on Pandarus Island. 1st and only line was Can someone powder my noses? Unknown if this creature liked Fu when he disguised himself as Fuella.